Learn to Recover Deleted Photos From Your Android Device

Everyone’s has accidentally delete files from their smart phone’s, for example clicking the wrong button in the gallery or even their smart phone’s bugging out and erasing their entire photo gallery. These photos can be easily recovered, the thing is that you have to act quickly.

The first thing you need to do when you delete a photo by mistake is as I said before to act quickly. You need to turn off your Wi-Fi or the data service, and this because you don’t want your phone to store any more data. The reason why don’t want to store more data on your phone is because when a file gets deleted, it actually gets saved in your device’s memory and it stays there until your memory gets filled up with some other data. Here is the most efficient way to recover your photos:

Note: To make this process work your phone needs to be rooted.

How to recover lost photos on Android

There many programs for recovering data out there, but the one with the most success is the Dr Fone for Android by Wondershare. You need to download it on your pc/

Now you can install the program and launch it. Now a screen should pop-up. (see below)

Learn to Recover Deleted Photos From Your Android Device

Your smart phone needs to be connected to your PC via the USB cable, also the USB Debugging has to be enabled on your device. You can enable this option by accessing Settings> About Phone and then tap over the “Build Number” and a notification will appear saying “ Developer Options have been enabled”. Now go back to Settings and near the bottom there is the Developer Options, you can just scroll through the settings and check the box next to the USB Debugging option. After all of this the Dr Fone screen will get a notification that will say “ USB Debugging is being opened”.

After the connection between the Dr Fone program and your smart phone is finished you will be able to select the “deleted files” file. We are looking for photos, but you can actually check the options to search for other types of files also.

Now you need to scan for deleted files or all files. If you are in a hurry you can choose to scan only the “deleted files” making the process go faster. To make the connection between the devices secure and to grant the “superuser” permission to the program, you will need to accept the RSA key prompt ( you can check the box where it says “Always accept” to make process run faster the next time).

After step 5 the Dr Fone program will analyze your phone. The process of analyzing your phone might reboot it or some stuff popping on your screen, you don’t need to worry is just part of the process.

Learn to Recover Deleted Photos From Your Android Device 2

After the analyze is done the scan results will show and you can check the files for the lost photos (or other types of files if you want to), select them and then just hit the “Recover” button.

Let’s hope that you have learned your lesson and you will be more careful when handling your smart phone’s files, but if it happens again you don’t need to worry because we have more tutorials on our site, even for text messages.

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