Lenovo S850 vs. Lenovo S860: Specs Comparison

lenovo s850 vs lenovo s860

At the continuous rise to fame of smartphones, Lenovo smartphones tend to not be hidden from the limelight. For smartphone users who prefer to be in favor of a brand and if that brand is Lenovo, then let’s talk about two of the newest releases of Lenovo smartphones: The Lenovo S850 and the Lenovo S860. These two smartphones are quite alike in its physical features and even some of its power features yet it is important to check out the details that differs the two to help users in deciding which of the two would fit their needs.


Both smartphones has a capacitive touchscreen feature which is handy considering sizes of their screens: 5 inches for the S850 and 5.30 inches for the S860. Also, both phones share the same features when it comes to display resolution: both 720×1280 pixels but the S850 has 294 pixels per image while the S860 has 277 pixels per image. We can gather from this information that when it comes to display features, the two phones are quite alike so for users who are keen on having good display features, the S860 only comes a little bit in front of the S850.

Hardware and Software

The processors of both Lenovo smartphones are 1.3GHz quad-core both by MediaTek. When it comes to storage capacity the RAM of the S850 is only 1GB compared to the S860’s 2GB but in terms of internal storage both has 16GB. These smartphones do not have expandable memory probably because of the technically high internal storage capacity these phones already have.

In terms of software, both phones come with Android 4.2. The only thing that makes the two different from each other software wise is that only the S860 can support Java.


In comparing these two phones camera wise, we see that the S850 has a 13 megapixel rear camera and a 5 megapixel front camera while the S860 only has an 8 megapixel rear camera and a 1.5 megapixel front camera. With this information, we see how the S850 has a more powerful camera feature than the S860.

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Which one of the two to Choose?

When it comes to talking about prices of smartphones, these two Lenovo phones come close in their price ranges therefore in choosing one out of the two; one must look for phone better than the other quality wise. The thing is, these two phones’ features are almost equally similar to each other except for some features which tell us how different one is from the other. For users who are concerned with the software of their phone, it looks like the S860 has a bit more of an edge rather than the S850 especially if these users put importance to Java support in their smartphones. On the other hand, for smartphone users who are also camera savvy, the S850 shows more features that will tend to those who want their phones to come with a good camera. In choosing a phone between these two, paying attention to the small details can really do trick.

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