LG G2 Tricks and Tips for a Greater Speed

The LG G2 brought a lot of innovation and it was the first LG smarphone that did not have the Optimus name, the innovations brought by the LG G2 are feature like Qslide, Knock On, the back facing buttons and also the 5.2 inch FULL HD display that had very little bezel. The owners of LG G2 have been reporting that the LG G2 is slow and its also lagging. We will show you some tips that can boost and improve your LG G2’s performance.

LG G2 Tricks and Tips for a Greater Speed

Stick it to the widgets Even if the LG G2 is not an old phone, it can still have problems like lagging. If you feel that your phone lags or glitches when closing out apps or launching them we got the solution for you. One of the reasons that make smartphones lag is the high number of widgets set up on your home screen. If you have many widgets you should remove the ones you don’t need. There have been some reports on the weather widget.

A new launcher

Second tip would be to try and install a new launcher. One of the best launchers out there is the Nova Launcher. This launcher is very adaptive and it allows the user to adjust the scroll speed and animation speed this can help speed up your smartphone. LG G2 Tricks and Tips for a Greater Speed 2

Ensure the LG G2 is updated

This might seem silly, but there are a lot of inexperienced users out there that might not know when an update is available for install. If you want to see if there are updates available you just need to go into the Settings menu, click About Phone and there will be the Update Center option, click on it and it will show you if there are any updates available. You can even set it to update automatically when there is an update available. Anyway, the best version your Android for the LG G2 should be the Android 4.4.2 KitKat. If the Update Center Option says that your system is update it means that you already have the Android 4.4.2 KitKat on your LG G2. Updating your device makes it work better, help the battery life and also brings new features to the device or improve the feature you already have. Turn off screen animations Turning off your screen animation will make minor changes, but it will help your device run a bit faster. What turning off your screen animations will do is speed up your screen animation. The process of doing this is not complicated. The first thing you have to do is that the developer settings show up (they are usually hidden). If they are hidden you need to go in the About Phone section, enter Software Information and tap the Build Number 7 times. After doing this you need to go back into Settings, enter Developer Option scroll down and enter the Animator Duration Scales and change all of them to zero.

Enable ART, Dalvik is for snails

ART is a runtime that makes apps run a lot faster. ART has been available for Android since the release of the Android L. ART will be a default feature for the next Android, the Android 5.0 Lollipop. Owners can already turn on ART in their setting, which is called Dalvik right now. To change to ART you need to go into settings, enter the Developer Options and you can switch under runtime.

Don’t clear the cache and data

Clearing the cache is used to help when you have app bugs, or when Google Play doesn’t work, but it won’t speed up your device in most cases, it will only slow it down. It will slow it down because usually when you launch an app the device will automatically save the data so that the next time you won’t have to save data again and the app will open quicker. So, if you delete your cache that will make your device save data again and again for every app.

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