LG L70 Dual vs. LG L80 Dual: Specs Comparison

lg l70 dual vs lg l80 dual

The rise of smartphones in the wide economic market suggests a lot of things, most especially the advancement of technology in the society. LG offers us Android smartphones which are considered to be one of the most competitive brands in the market when it comes to quality and efficient smartphones.

Most smartphone users are keen to have personal and business purpose phones separate but LG offers an option in which these two purposes can be merged into one phone: dual sim smartphones. These smartphones gives smartphone users the option to have easier smartphone experience by maximizing the purpose of their smartphones: both personal and business use in one.

The LG L70 Dual and LG L80 Dual has that option and among other features, let’s also check how these two phones are considered to be two of the best latest smartphones LG has to offer.


The LG L70 Dual and LG L80 Dual have a capacitive touchscreen capacity for their screen sizes of 4.50 inches and 5.0 inches respectively. Both smartphones also have the same screen resolution of 480×800 pixels which makes these two phones different from each other only by their screen sizes when it comes to display features.

Hardware and Software

Both smartphones come with 1.2GHz dual core processor, something quite average when it comes to processor technicalities. Both phones also come with the same storage capacity: 1GB RAM, up to 4GB internal storage and an expandable memory of up to 32GB via microSD card.

In terms of software features, both phones come with an Android 4.4 operating system which is considered to be one of the latest versions of Android operating systems.

Also, when it comes to battery capacity, smartphones are often criticized because of smartphone dynamics that tends to have batteries easily drained. These LG phones, the LG L70 Dual and LG L80 Dual have quite efficient battery saving systems with battery capacities of up to 2100 mAh and 2540 mAh respectively.


These two phones are also alike when it comes to camera power features. Both phones have a 5 megapixel rear camera and a 0.3 megapixel front camera.

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Which one to choose?

Both phones are quite similar when it comes to its power features but most smartphone users remember to first look over at one smartphone’s price to be able to put out an objective decision whether one smartphone is better than the other.

These LG smartphones are known to be priced average and these two phones presented here are also quite in the same price range. The LG L70 Dual can be seen as the more pocket friendly phone because of its handier dimension rather than the LG L80 Dual. On the other hand, the LG L80 Dual can cater to smartphone users who want to maximize their smartphone experience through the size of their smartphones. Choosing between these two smartphones is quite easy all because of the easy observation that can be made to its power features to assess which phone is the better one, both considering the specs and the price.

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