Lift Weights Faster 2 Review: Inside the Jen Sinkler Program

lift weights fasterSometimes physical fitness can be quite demanding.

With most programs pinpointing on the idea of physical workouts, some people start of well with the workouts but discontinue after a few exercises. Many reasons lie behind all these withdrawals with the leading being loss of interest and motivation in the program.

In this Lift Weights Faster 2 Review, I’ll go step by step through one of the web’s most popular workout programs, and help you decide whether or not this program by exercise coach Jen Sinkler is worth your time and effort.

Lift Weights Faster Review

Lift weights faster is a stimulating fitness program which embodies weight loss sessions and workouts which are gratifying and revitalizing leaving an individual fully enthused in the workouts and as a result the desired outcome is achieved with plenty of bounce.

The program is unique in nature, description and content since unlike many others, it starts with the user guidebook which describes the general guidelines of the program along with the author’s (Jen Sinkler) background and this goes a long way in motivation of an individual.

lift weights faster 2 reviewThe program then presents a conditioning workout library in which an individual chooses their suitable workout regimen classed on variables like time spent for exercise and fitness paraphernalia you have access to. The program then outlines the workout itself which has composed artistically named workouts which are tailor made for individuals need.

In addition to the workout program, lift weights faster stipulates a nutritional guide depending on the workout package a person chooses.

This nutritional guide begins by bestowing a wider view on rules for healthy living with issues like what to eat being covered. Furthermore, the guide also describes actual meal plans and recipes customized for your fitness regimen.

Merits of Jen Sinkler’s Lift Weights Faster 2

The lift weight faster is more beneficial to people with little to deeper knowhow on fitness. This is irrespective of their gender. Similarly, it is more focused on pleasure gratification of workout sessions and as such works to motivate an individual through the sessions which finally yields great results in terms of body fitness.

The lift weights faster program is very organized as classification of workouts elements is done granting ease access and in addition adjustable in terms of fitness like amount of time spent on workout and thus it is flexible.

Shortcomings of the Program

Despite the good roll out plan, a number of shortcomings are witnessed in the program.

First, it dwells much on the technical aspects of fitness and as a result inconveniences a newbie. Secondly the program is relatively expensive. Even the most affordable packages with other products are pricey in this program.

The program further has many workout options which tentatively might lead to confusion to the client enjoying the products and as such may demoralize them.

Final Verdict: There Are Better Options

This isn’t the worst program out there, but it certainly isn’t the best one either.

And, at a $99 price tag, it just isn’t worth it to me. There are way better programs out there, for far less money than what you would spend here.

So my verdict? There are better options out there.

Stick with one of my top recommend workout programs instead, and you’ll be more likely to see the results you’re looking for.

Here are a few suggestions.

For Diet and Weight Loss

metabolic cooking reviewsCheck out Metabolic Cooking, which shows you how to incorporate some science into your meals to help you lose weight, and provides a ton of awesome recipes to help you shed those pounds.

Or, if you’re looking to lose weight quickly, the 3 Week Diet is another popular option.

For Muscle Building

the mi40x workout reviewIf you want to build muscle, I recommend going with a program that’s custom designed to take advantage of your natural body traits.

For men, my favorite programs are the Adonis Golden Ratio or MI40X, which give you great workouts that are geared towards helping you get ripped and build a muscular look ASAP.

venus factor review logoFor women, I recommend the Venus Factor or Bodyweight Flow programs.

These are both great systems that incorporate flexibility and strength training to help get your body lean and in shape quickly.

Personally, my favorite is the Venus Factor, since it includes a combination of diet and workout elements, so you get 2 systems in 1!

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