Lumia Denim Features – What Can Be Expected From Microsoft’s New Update

The recent IFA 2014 event held at Berlin wasn’t an opportunity just for the hardware manufacturers, as software was also part of the display. Among the featured software introduction, there was the new update from Microsoft, which targets Lumia devices. Those interested in the update should know that a list of all the improvements that come with it has been made available.

Microsoft also managed to introduce a new Lumia device at the same IFA 2014 event. The device was the Lumia 830, and it came bearing the Lumia Denim update. That being said, users across the globe are waiting to get their hands on the new update. To do so, however, one must have a Nokia Lumia device which operates on the latest Windows Phone 8.1 operating system from Microsoft.  The Lumia Denim also brings along the Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1

. Here are the improvements you can expect from this exciting new update:

Live Folders- New folders can now be created by dragging live tiles on top of each other. This will result in a new folder being created. Similar capabilities have been seen with devices coming from Microsoft’s competition, such as Apple or Samsung. Tapping on the name above the open folder will let you change its name.

Snooze – The snooze function has been improved and now supports customization.

Apps Corner- The apps corner is supposedly a restricted area, if you will, on your device. A Start screen where only specific accessible apps can be put or used.

Cortana- One of the definite highlights of the update, Cortana, has already begun being rolled out through Microsoft’s Lumia Cyan update, and made available across several countries such as the United States, Canada, Australia or India. It bring along cool, useful features in the contacts, time and calendar sections.

SMS options- Now, users can handle individual texts, either forwarding them or deleting them.

WiFi security- Enhanced security that keeps you and your phone safe while accessing and using public WiFi hotspots or even your own WiFi signal back home.

Faster IE- The mobile version of Internet Explorer is now better optimized, providing greater download speeds and overall a better browsing experience.

Live Tile for Store- This one is on for the US customers, unfortunately. It displays featured games and apps, as well as the most popular selection. It display user-relevant items.

There is also a list of features included specifically for the Lumia:

Camera Speed- It is now incredibly fast to take a shot, as the phone only needs milliseconds now to get the photo.

Lumia Camera- More speed and intuition are provided by the Nokia camera replacement.

4K Video- By  long-pressing the camera button on the device, users will activate the recording mode, which will begin shooting 4k video with individual 8.3 MP frames. This allows users to later save a specific frame as a high quality image. The frame rate for 4k video is 24 fps.

Auto HDR and Dynamic Flash- These two features have also acquired a spot in the new update, as they will allow users to adjust the camera settings later, after they’ve taken the shot.

Call the assistant- The digital assistant Cortana can be very easily brought up by saying “Hey Cortana”. Even if the phone is in standby mode, it will react to your voice command.

Microsoft promises a Q4 2014 rollout for the update. Some phones come with the update by default, such as the Lumia 830, the two Lumia 730 variants, with and without dual SIM support, and the Lumia 735.

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