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You can either go to and upload your video or multiple images to generate a GIF image or get your iphone or ipad and open Echograph app and make one on the go.

The later is an iphone/ipad app that lets you take a Gif image from a video you upload or with multiple images. Creating from video is what makes this app fun to use. You upload a video, and select two portions on the time line to clip it into Gif image and viola you are done. What’s even more interesting is that you select a picture frame from a video, and touch parts of the picture to animate. The gif image created as a result is what they call it Echograph.

So, to put it in a 3 step process (Trim – Picture – Paint)

Step 1. First trim your video to 5 seconds or less by sliding the video handle at each end of the playback bar. Click on the arrows icon on the lower left of the screen to reverse the playback. This is called palindroming. You can also add a delay to help transition a looping echograph by sliding a video handle on the lower right of the screen. Once you have trimmed the video tap the check mark at the bottom right corner to move on to the next step.

Step 2: Now you will choose a still frame to act as a backdrop for your echograph. For this step, try to focus on freezing an aspect of motion in the frame. Tap the checkmark to move on 3rd step.

Step 3: Step 3 is Painting video onto your echograph.Tap the eye icon on the bottom of the screen to hide to show the blue mask which is recommended to use only for fine tuning. Now simply paint with your finger the areas you’d like to animate. You can also pinch the screen while the blue mask is on, to make your paint brush larger or smaller. The eraser icon on the bottom of screen can be used to undo a painting upto 5 undos. Once you built your echograph you are noe ready to export. Tap the checkmark on the bottom right corner to continue on to exporting. Now you can choose either Low-Def or High-Def to export it. High Def takes a while to get exported. It’s worth waiting for its quality.  Now you can share your echograph, on twitter or facebook or other available places.

You can at any time go to any step by clicking icons that correspond each step on the top right corner of the screen.

A tutorial video explaining how an echograph is created [below],

You can do a lot with a video clip than just trimming and looping. Not only just trimming and reverse the play of the trimmed video, you can paint a portion of your chosen frame to animate, add a delay to create an echograph! The app is available on the apple play store:  Echograph — Create Cinemagraph Animated GIFs

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