Make free calls and send free messages to any device with Viber


As a nice alternative WhatsApp or go-together app, Viber, is a yet another text and voice chat client for Android, IOS, Blackberry and others. You can think of it like “hey are you on yahoo messenger?” “no I am on live messenger”. So there are 2 big clients and you can have one or both of them and the good thing is they both are free, Though WhatsApp has more users than Viber, Viber will soon be on the list that you forget what you have and instead have them both.

So what’s new with Viber?

A nice user interface, and a good number of features like,

* Free calls with HD sound quality
* Free text and photo messaging
* Simple to use
* Always on
* Ad free
* 100% free (*)
(*) Network data charges may apply

You can either use Wifi or 3g connection to connect with your contacts. Another benefit is if your contact has Viber installed, they are automatically added to your Viber contact list and can start beginning to talk immediately.

It also has all the traditional computer messenger goodies like emoticons, picture sharing. Maybe all these apps will adopt video call when people start to use tablets that have a front facing camera.

You can visit to download the client for your platforms.


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