Easily Manage your files on Windows with Q-Dir

Q-dir screenshot

Q-Dir or Quad directory (Explorer) is a program to manage your files on the quad (4  different) panes. Each pane is a folder view. You can set the folder view of each panes and it will be displayed with that view, For thumbnails you can set it like in the image above, bottom right.  Choosing views for each pane after choosing what are all the folder you want to display is the first step. Let the article unfold itself exploring the Q-Dir.

Some features:

You can export any folder file list to a text file by selecting the pane you want to export to and then going to File>Export. This will export the contents of that folder to a text file.

On the bottom of each pane, you see the command buttons for 7 different actions. Delete, cut, copy, paste, run, highlight, and quick folder menu. All the commands are self explanatory, except the last one. Quick menu folder is where you add shortcut to a particular folder. so you can easily get it back into view with just a push of a button.  Run button has a whole lot of features. Registry, win.ini file, cmd, notepad, and calc are accessible from there. It also has a folder for Win Xp system utilities that also runs on Windows 8.1. You can click on the command (cmd) and it opens the command prompt windows with the location that is on your pane.

For a quick file copy, move, renaming it – this file management, can be quickly done with this program. There’s isn’t a bulk rename feature though. There is a screen magnifier that can be accessed from the top-right corner of the screen, looks like a lens icon. To turn off the magnifier, the only way is to press the escape button.

On the top right again, you can set the view of the panes. 3 pane view, 2 or 4 and so on… To save the panes’ state, click on add to favourite, and it saves all the panes with their directory information to a qdr file in the data folder.

Click on the filter or highlighter to search and highlight the files/folder, a text box appears then, type in to see if it matches the folder/files title. You can, for instance, highlight all the doc file extensions with this.

Downloading it:

You can download the portable version of Q-Dir made by the popular portable apps site, PortableApps.com here. Or get the regular version here.


When you first start:

I am going to cover on the portable version of Q-Dir here. On running the installer, It extracts to the Q-DirPortable folder in the location where you downloaded the installer. You can’t copy the program to C:\Program Files location, as the program says it can’t be run from that directory, I saved it on the C:\ drive and it runs smoothly. The panes state are saved as a favourite qdr file in the data directory inside the Q-DirPortable folder.


The program is loaded with quite a lot of useful features. CNET says the buttons on the top right are small, it is small, and you can hover you mouse to see what it is, I have no problem on my 15″ laptop. It looked big enough but didn’t catch my eye at all. for the first 10 minutes of using this program. 4 explorer with operators in one screen is the unique feature you get from this program.

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