Meizu MX4 To Feature Exyno 5433 Chip, Chinese Brand Uses The Same Processor As The Galaxy Alpha

Recent reports place the upcoming Meizu MX 4 in presumed benchmark testing on AnTuTu. For those who aren’t up to date, Meizu is a smartphone manufacturer from China, as is one of the most popular brands alongside Xiaomi, for example. The predecessor for the upcoming Meizu MX 4, the Meizu MX3, was critically acclaimed when it was released back in late 2013. That model holds the honor of being the first smartphone in the world to come with 128 GB of internal storage capacity.

Phone Arena points out that the MX4 hasn’t been officially announced just yet, but recent AnTuTu benchmark tests point out as being very powerful, scoring 52.811 in the aforementioned test. Rumors have it that Meizu is preparing to launch more than one version of its MX4 model, one of which will presumably feature the Exynos 5433 chipset, built by Samsung. The same processor will be featured in the Galaxy Alpha, the device manufactured by Samsung that everyone has been losing their minds over, which promises to be fierce competition for the iPhone 6.

If that didn’t grab your attention, how about the fact that the MX4 version which was spotted in AnTuTu isn’t even the high-end Exynos rocking version of the device, but one that is considered to be the mid range model, which uses a MediaTek octa core chip. The device uses the big.LITTLE chip by MediaTek, which is clocked at 2.2 GHz. Support for 4G LTE is also included. Taking that into consideration, one might imagine the kind of performance the high-end version could display.

The screen resolution for the mid-range version will be 1920 x 1152, and it will come in the form of a 5 inch display. For the phone’s camera, users will have 20.7 MP, although earlier rumors specified that the device will come with a weaker, 16 MP camera. Even if so, and the camera will be “weaker, it’s still going to be pretty good, as 16 MP is nothing to laugh at. For the operating system, the Meizu MX4 will feature the Flyme 4.0 OS, taking a different road than most smartphones which come with the usual Android, Windows Phone and iOS in the case of the iPhone. This could be either good, either a setback for the overall performance of the handset.

The high-end version will allegedly feature a 2K resolution, and it will come with a bigger screen size. Reported sizes vary between 5.4 and 5.5 inches. The processor used for this high-end version will also features no less than 8 cores, as the mid-range version does, but the chip handling the processing duties will be the Exynos 5433 from Samsung.

Reports suggest that a starting price for the upcoming MX4 will be around $320.

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