Merge all your duplicate contacts on your android phone

It’s common to have contacts that are duplicates on your Android phone, and it’s a painstaking effort to go through your contact list to find those duplicate entries manually. The duplicate here is the name or  email or phone number. Merge + for android helps you find the duplicate contact entries for you automatically and presents them in a list after finding them.  Each unique entries has a nested list of the duplicate entries. The list will look like in the image below,

merge duplicate entries

You can select the unique entry or duplicate like the app calls it and tap on merge to unify it. All the emails or phone number associated with it are added to the list. The reviews on the playstore are quite negative at the moment, with half of total 5 stars count are 1 stars. So it has lot of rooms to grow to work for all the phones and across different versions of Android.

If you see a duplicate and the app didn’t recognize it’s probably because of different spellings of the name. Once a person’s name is spelt right for all of its duplicates, the app then finds it.

When you open the app, it has two options on its menu. One is find duplicate contacts and the other is download contacts. Tapping on the second option will take you to the playstore to download another app, contacts + that will do the downloading work for you.

Contacts + lists all the contacts from Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter and more… in one place, and you can also download the contacts from there to import it on your other devices besides sending text messages from there without switching apps.  It would have been good if Merge does the downloading work itself without needing for an another app, but as I said, the app has lots to grow and the future versions might have it.

Merge + Google Play Store

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