Metabolic Cooking Review: Do These Fat Loss Cookbook Recipes Really Work?

metabolic cooking reviewsIf you’re trying to eat healthy to stay in shape or lose weight, finding the right fat loss cookbook to guide you can be difficult.

They seem to be a dime a dozen, and yet few really work. In this Metabolic Cooking review, I’ll take a look at whether or not the Metabolic Cooking guide and recipes are what they claim.

Why Use Metabolic Cooking Recipes?

Before we get into the details of the recipes included in this book, let’s take a closer look at the approach used in this product.

Put simply, Metabolic Cooking recipes are recipes that help you take advantage of natural changes in your body’s metabolism. This happens everyday, all day, whether we’re eating, working out, or resting.

Recipes that follow a metabolic approach are targeted to fuel your body with the right tools it needs to ensure that your metabolism can stay high, allowing you to burn more fat and lose weight.

karine losier and dave ruelPossibly, you have noted that burning extra fat is a complex challenge for all and sundry. This is what Metabolic Cooking program endeavor to fix by improving metabolic rate of individuals undertaking the program, and chefs and nutritionists Dave Ruel and Karine Losier (the program’s creators) have had huge successes, both personally and with thousands of program participants and customers.

The cooking involves a selection of delicacies recipes that are effortless to prepare and assists quicker burning of fats.  The program is downloadable in PDF files. Thus, Metabolic Cooking turns monotonous dieting into an easy pleasurable deed.

Unlike many other diets, which promise weight loss with no scientific data to back their claims, this approach has been proven to work time and again, and is something that you should definitely consider.

If you want to learn more about the science of why a metabolic approach to dieting can work wonders, check out the article below.

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What’s Inside This Fat Loss Cooking Book?

metabolic cooking fat loss cookbookWhat does the program contain? Does it encompass any additional inclusions apart from the PDF recipe files? The cookbook is all-around. It takes in additional guides necessary in enhancing, making and planning meals. Follow up is a review of what the cookbooks include. 

There are over 9 cookbooks differentiated by the type of meals they cover.  These guide books contain over 250 diverse recipes that steams dieting deeds.  The covered books include recipes for breakfast, seafood, pork, red meats, smoothies, poultry, vegetarian meals, chicken and side dishes.

Benefits of Metabolic Guide Cookbooks

The Fat loss optimization guidebook is intended to coach cooking of the recipes. The good about the guide is that it creates awareness of what and when to eat a particular foodstuff. Additionally, it dictates how to prepare them and the amount of cash to spend on groceries.

Dressings and salads is a popular guide owing to the values of veggies in improving health by burning fats. Eating salads is an easier way of eating vegetables. Without a proper guide, one ends up eating sugary salads and unhealthy foodstuffs. In this case, the guide teaches the making of tasty salads with fat burning contents.

The Supplements dietary guide is often misinterpreted and misused thereby disrupting all weight loss attempts. There are good and bad supplements. Without sufficient competency no one can distinguish. That is why you call for this Metabolic Cooking guide.

Scientifically Proven Advantages

The involved recipes are easy to prepare. What’s more, they are tasty. Note that these recipes don’t involve pasta dishes but food components with nutritious benefits. Majority of the recipes comprise of healthy fats, proteins and vegetables.

Disadvantages: Is Metabolic Cooking a Scam?

The short answer: no.

But, it’s not necessarily the right approach for everyone. Metabolic Cooking uses general guidelines, which means it’s possible it does not define everyone’s diet, its best to use the guides to unveil what suits you.

It’s also best used in conjunction with a high quality exercise program. You might check out the Venus Factor for women or the Adonis Ratio Workout for men.

Conclusion: Final Review of Metabolic Cooking

So what’s the verdict: is this diet cookbook up to snuff?


I feel this is a must have dietary plan particularly if you suffer from binge eating habits or are simply looking for ways to cut down on your calories and keep your body burning fat.

Metabolic Cooking recipes are recommended by doctors and other nutrition experts, and are hugely popular by many of the program’s users.

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