Microsoft Lumia 535 Review: Your only choice for a budget windows phone

US software giant Microsoft has introduced the company’s first ever Lumia smartphone that does not include the Nokia brand name. Microsoft has unveiled the Lumia 535 on 11th of November, 2014. The first ever Microsoft Lumia 535 is of course a windows 8 based new smartphone, and this will be yet another new budget smartphone for the global market including India. The unveiling of the new Microsoft Lumia 535 clearly points out that the software behemoth’s market aims for the Windows Phone range.

The new Microsoft Lumia 535 is going to be a new addition in the already huge budget smartphone market of the world. However, the noteworthy fact is that the unveiling of the new Microsoft Lumia 535 is a step on Microsoft’s part to take things in its own hands.

All this while, Microsoft has been working with the Finnish mobile maker Nokia to launch the very popular Lumia smartphone range with various price ranges. However, going forward all the future Lumia products in the market will not feature the Nokia logo, but that of Microsoft. Nevertheless, all the existing Lumia handsets in the market that have formally launched with the Nokia branding will continue to be sold in the market with the Nokia moniker.

Now, let us take a look at the new Microsoft Lumia 535:

A great budget phone choice

There are no plans for any new Lumia model to be released in this calendar year. Thus, Microsoft seems to have put bet on an affordable low-end handset, like the Lumia 535 in order to boost the Lumia handset sales as well as to increase the Windows Phone’s market share. This low cost handset strategy had worked well for the drowning mobile major of the yesteryear, Nokia as well. Nokia went on working on the same strategy prior to its phone division merger with Microsoft that took place earlier this year. Thus, while the overall specifications on the Lumia 535 might be low, the handset will be a good device on the whole. Moreover, Microsoft has also made some good modifications on the handset that do not compromise on the overall smartphone experience and it is to be noted that some of the other low cost Lumia models launched earlier.

Design & Built

When it comes to looks or feel, the new Microsoft Lumia 535 has not changed the overall Lumia range’s design language at all. The new smartphone looks just like any other Nokia Lumia phone with the same body design, colorful back panels, and even feels as sturdy as the others. However, the Lumia 535 is the first Lumia phone to have dropped the Nokia logo both at the front and the back of the device making way for the Microsoft moniker.


The Microsoft Lumia 535 offers a good 5 inch qHD display with 960 x 540p screen resolution. The large display is definitely a plus on this budget phone and it is colorful, nice and sharp making for good viewing. Though sometimes the pixels can be rather clearly seen, the phone offers pretty okay viewing angles. The screen quality on the whole was found in the market as back as in the year 2011.


Here, the Microsoft Lumia 535 scores pretty well, as the hardware is at least outdated as the devices screen, which is not that long back. The smartphone is powered by a quad-core processor clocked at 1.2GHz of speed, and is backed with the power of 1GB RAM. The inclusion of the 1GB of RAM is a great improvement as compared against the meagerly 512MB RAM, as games on Windows Phone need higher RAM, and this has been one of the primary difficulties in the existing low cost Lumia devices.

The Microsoft Lumia 535 will definitely be running on the latest version of Windows OS. The latest Operating System in itself has many great benefits and conveniences. Together with a good UI and hardware specs, the Microsoft Lumia 535 should be offering a pretty fast, lag free and good smartphone experience.


Microsoft has again done a great improvement on the front facing camera on the Microsoft Lumia 535 as well. The company has a 5 megapixel front facing camera on the device which is a great thing, as it is in vogue nowadays and the modern selfie lovers simply adore such devices. Microsoft has also endowed auto brightness feature in the front camera along with wide angle lens. Being a budget phone this sort of front camera is really impressive.

For the rear camera as well Microsoft has gone for a 5 MP lens. This results in two good cameras on both the front as well as on the rear of the Microsoft Lumia 535 smartphone, and there is nothing like the primary camera on this phone, as both the front and rear cameras are equally worthy. To make things even better, Microsoft has even included a LED flash on the Lumia 535 in order to enable it to shoot good pictures even in low light conditions.

Other features

Microsoft is targeting the potential Lumia buyers with a great service package, that the company chooses to call a “5x5x5″ feature. The “5x5x5″ package is basically a combination of five most common and useful Microsoft services, all integrated together. These Microsoft services include MS Office, Skype, Cortana, OneDrive and OneNote. However, it is seen that all these services from Microsoft are always better just like its equivalent on the Android and iOS platforms.


The Microsoft Lumia 535 comes with all the basic connectivity options of 2G, 3G, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, etc.


The Microsoft Lumia 535 comes with a standard 8GB of internal storage.


The new Microsoft Lumia 535 draws its juice from a 1905mAh battery pack. Though this does not sound great, it might be sufficient to offer sufficient backup.


The Microsoft Lumia 535 is a budget phone and a great one at that, considering its price. The new Lumia 535 will be available in both single as well as dual-SIM versions for an expected price range of around Rs. 8,400.


Author Bio: The article has been written by Kundan Srivastava, who is passionate about technology. He’s working at and writes about the latest in the tech domain, right from the devices to innovations.

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