Microsoft Surface Pro 3 Best-Selling Tablet with Pro 3 Docking Station

Microsoft has reported that their new Surface Pro 3 is having a good start considering sales. Even if Microsoft has said that they are getting profits with the Surface Pro 3, Amy hood, the chief financial officer did not want to reveal any revenue figures, she only said that the Surface Pro 3 is selling better than the other devices from the Surface series.

In the same report from BGR, Amy Hood has confirmed the rumors regarding the last minute cancelled launch date for the Surface Mini.

Microsoft wants to launch more version of the Surface Pro 3 because it is selling so well. The last product they released in the Surface Pro 3 line is a cheaper version of Surface Pro 3 that can be bought for $799, reported by AnandTech. The release date for the cheaper version of the Surface Pro 3 is 1st August. This version will use a fourth generation core i3 processor, and this processor is what makes this version cheaper. The Surface Pro 3, cheaper version is considered to be entry-level product.

The tech specifics of the entry-level version are: a internal memory of 64 GB, a Intel Core i3 chip processor, that is clocked at 1.5 GHz, Intel HD 4200 GPU and also it has 4 GB of RAM available. These specifics have been reported by AnandTech, but what they did not mention was the battery, and that is because Microsoft needs some days for testing before deciding on what battery to use.

There is only one version of the Surface Pro 3 regarding the dimension, the 12 inch one. The 12 inch Surface Pro 3 is actually the biggest in the Surface line of products, and also the slimmest and lightest one. In one of Microsoft’s commercials for Surface Pro 3 they said “this tablet can replace your laptop”.

And customers feedback have said that the Surface Pro 3 has actually replaced their laptops. For example even Kevin Purcell from GottaGoMobile has said: “With only a couple of compromises, the Microsoft Surface Pro 3 replaced my old Windows 8 notebook and a MacBook Pro quite well. I’m not ready to sell my MacBook yet, but I’m very happy with Microsoft’s 2-in-1 device”.

Microsoft made available the option to pre-order the Pro 3 docking station, that Microsoft is claiming that it will help the Surface Pro 3 to be able to replace your PC also. The price of the docking station for the Pro 3 has been priced at $199.99, and what it brings is more slots and ports.

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