Minecraft 1.8 14w30c Just Released with Lego Toys

4J Studios, the developers of MineCraft are really busy fixing bugs for the next-gen version of MineCraft, for Xbox One, Play Station 4 and PS Vita. A snapshot of the “MineCraft 1.80” has just been released by Mojang. The MineCraft snapshot has been dubbed 14w30c, and it is said that it will bring more stability fixes.

Regarding the release of the screenshot Mojang has said: “We’ve released snapshot 14w30c to fix some more crashes, world holes, other bugs and more optimizations”. They also said that the snapshot is focused more on the optimizing the aspect of the game, and fixing bugs.

The next changes in MineCraft’s snapshot will include:

  •       More Banners.
  •       Survival mode now has Creepers, Skeletons and Zombie Heads.
  •       Lighting bugs, and other bugs have been fixed.
  •       Some changes to the crafting recipe.

There are many bugs to fix, and Mojang has said that they are expecting players to report more bugs for them to fix. They can just report the bugs to Mojang directly.

Lego Partners with Minecraft for Autumn Sets

Both of the companies have same theme “building”, and they decided to get into partnership to release products for a younger market.

The most renowned physical building games creators have partnered with MineCraft to create some MineCraft toys.

Reports by the Financial Times are saying that the new partnership will expand Lego and bring them a lot of profit. Lego has already released some small versions of figures that are MineCraft  related, but the normal scale lines will be released in 2014.

What makes this partnership special is that Lego actually received feedback from the MineCraft player community and actually followed the player community’s advice. This might be owed to the fact that Mojang has always been careful when partnering up with other companies. The player community actually has helped Lego to get the perfect look for their models.The chief officer at Mojang Vu Bui, has said that they want the Lego MineCraft edition to be played exactly like the virtual game, more exactly to build and rebuild.


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