Minecraft 1.8 for Oculus Rift, PS Vita Trailer and 14w34b Upgrade

The Xbox One and PS Vita versions of the popular game Minecraft are still in the works, as the game developer, 4J, continues to try its bets to push for an August release date. In anticipation in of the soon-to-come console versions, a trailer for the PS Vita has also emerged and made public through the developer’s Twitter page.

The developer informed its fans that the PS4 Edition of Minecraft has been sent to the guys over at Sony for the final testing, the only thing remaining now is waiting for Sony’s approval. In regards to the other two console version set to be released, for the Xbox One and the PS Vita, there haven’t been much news or official updates going around. In fact, the only thing 4J did say about these versions is that they are still trying to get out all the bugs and make the game as smooth as possible. The developer is keeping its fans updated through its Twitter account.

Oculus Rift for Minecraft

In related news, it just so happens that Oculus offered to help port Minecraft for Oculus Rift. The offer came directly from John Carmack himself, who is the developer chief technical officer for Oculus. The developer offered his help through Twitter, saying that all he needs is for the source to get shipped, and he’ll make sure the game runs correctly on “you-know-what”, as he puts it.

Sources claim that this offer is a response to a statement coming from Mojang, through Notch Persson, who said that he is over his disappointment with the fact that Facebook managed to buy Oculus Rift.

Al the Oculus Rift related talks seem to point to a bigger possibility of the VR technology being incorporated into the popular building game. However, it has not yet confirmed that the two will in fact collaborate.

Minecraft 1.8

For all the Minecraft players that don’t own a console, or don’t play Minecraft on a console, the biggest discussion subject isn’t the Xbox One, PS4 or PS Vita editions of the game, but rather the 1.8 update for the PC version. A new series of snapshots have been released, and chances are they might be the last ones before the pre-release of the 1.8 update.

Mojang declared on its official website that if all goes well with the currently released snapshots, it may very well be the last week of Minecraft 1.8 snapshots, as they plan on a pre-release for the update next Thursday”

Fixed features and optimizations have been implemented through the latest snapshots, 14w34 and 14w34b. Here are a few of the problems that occurred and were fixed during the last snapshot.

  •           Broken chat opacity option
  •           While map loading time, duplication occurs due to item frames
  •           Unreadable tab list, stretches out too far
  •           Rabbits are named entity.KillerRabbits.name, occasionally
  •           Block appearance/disappearance shows delay during changing, placing and breaking of blocks
  •           Dragging left or right click resets the furnace
  •           Potion particles issues
  •          Dropped down armor stand, this occurs by itself
  •           Over 16 Chunk distance and VBO turned off cause extreme visual glitches
  •           Wrong CustomNames shown for Ender Dragons, Endermen and Spiders

What Snapshot 14w34b fixed

  •           Y=254 caused crashing
  •           Couldn’t place armor stands
  •           Furnace was unusable and inventory didn’t update correctly
  •           Java.lang.NullPointerException – block entity tick
  •           Can’t go back on page in v1.7

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