Minecraft 1.8 Update 14w31 Release Date With Picture

Over the past weeks, updates for the 1.8 version of Mojang’s Minecraft have been announced. The developer seems to have slowed down on production, to focus on fixing existing bugs. Many believe that Minecraft 1.8 is not that far away, although Mojang have not offered an official release date.

One of the popular game’s developers, which goes under the name DinnerBone, has released details about the 14w31a snapshot, on the official website of the Minecraft developer. There some changes worth mentioning, that appear in the snapshot:

  •           Sounds for rabbits
  •           Fixes
  •           Sun surface no longer made from cheese
  •           Optimizations

All the changes, bugfixes and such amount to much more than that, though. If you want to see a complete list of everything new and fixed in the latest version, you can check Mojang’s official website, where they have a list like this, along with detailed descriptions for each bugfix and change.

The Minecraft developer, Mojang, actually encourages the Minecraft community to contribute to making the game better, and report any kind of bug or problem they encounter. There is also an option for this implemented in the game. You can use it by going to the Minecraft launcher and selecting the New Profile option. Go ahead and name your new profile “snapshots” and after that, check the box which says “Enable experimental development snapshots”. You can now save the profile, and you’re all set.

On the bottom left side of the Minecraft launcher there is a dropdown menu that you can use if you wish to switch back to the game’s normal version. The reason behind Mojang is encouraging the community to chip in, is that they want to fix any existing bugs, so if you encounter any bug or problem in the game, they would appreciate it if you would report it so that they can handle it faster. The Minecraft developer is expecting your reports on bugs.mojang.com.

Snapshots, as Mojang said, could corrupt the current world your are in, so they advise that you either run the game on a different folder, or save your world (backup) first.

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