Minecraft 1.8 Update Release Date With New Patches and Upgrades

As the popularity of the sandbox-type building game Minecraft continues to gather attention, the game itself is close to reaching its 1.8 version. The 1.8 patch is most likely just around the corner, as one of the game’s developers, Mojang, constantly delivered updates to the beta version, working hard for its customers. This suggests that the time remaining before the developers finally launch Minecraft 1.8 shouldn’t be too long now.

It appears as those awaiting for the 1.8 patch for Minecraft will not do so in vain, as the developers have prepared some new cool features that are implemented in the update, on top of all the bug fixing and problem solving that has been going on with the update. A large number of problems users had with previous Minecraft versions should now be obsolete.

Some of the new features set to impress us in the upcoming update patch include new areas like swamps. These areas will include visual elements like grass and vines, and will bring a touch of diversity and flexibility in terms of what the user will experience and what he will be able to accomplish. Traveling time across the terrain will be shortened with the help of sprinting, which can also be used to charge down mobs to knock them back. New attack modes are also implemented in the update. Increased damage amounts as well as critical hits will be provided through bow charging.

It seems like the developers have taken the game and updated every corner of it, including the main menu, which was also improved. Going back to gameplay improvements, you will notice improved methods for both hunger depletion and refill, as well as more gameplay underwater, which will be exploited more in this update.

Although they removed floating islands in a previous, recent update, it seems like the developer will bring the feature back, as well as a list of preset worlds that will be available when the newest version of the game launches.

Before the game update final version officially releases, the developer will use the updated preview or pre-release version of the game to improve the patch. They use user submitted reports regarding bugs, problems and suggestions on how they might improve their product, so in the end they can offer a satisfying overall playing experience and enhanced game version.

If you want to play the preview version, you have to start a new profile and make sure that you activate the option saying “Enable experimental development snapshots”. The transition back to the game’s regular, stable version is available at all times for players, right from within the game. The developer, although appreciates the support and help, warns users that these preview versions are not stable, and it is advised that they save their progress before continuing with the preview or pre-release version.


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