Minecraft Expected for Xbox One and PS4 – But What about Wii U?


The very popular game, Minecraft, had over 54 million of sold copies on multiple platforms like: Xbox 360, PC, Mac, Playstation 3, iOS, Android and Rasberry Pi. We get this information from an official tweet from Patrick Geuder Saga, the head of Data Analysis in the Minecraft Studio. What is most interesting about this data is that there have been more console copies sold than the ones sold for computer (both PC and Mac).

While the total number of computer copies is lower than the console one, PC still remains the top platform for Minecraft. In second comes the Xbox 360, since there have been sold over 12 million copies of the Xbox version. Third comes in the Play Station 3 but it is no competition to the Microsoft console, coming along with only 1.5 million copies sold.

There have been speculations that the oh-so-popular game will be released this summer for consoles like Xbox One, Play Station Vita and Play Station 4.

What we haven’t heard a word of is the release to the Nintendo platforms (Wii, Wii U and 3DS).

While the statistics say that people bought more copies of the console version of the game, rather than for computer, there is no denying that the best version is the one manufactures for playing on a PC/Mac. The worlds are whimsical and there are also multiple resources which you can download.

What the PC version loses in front of the console version is the bonus feature the Microsoft and Sony consoles have: the split-screen multiplayer mode. If you share your console or you just like to invite friends over to play some video games – the console version is more suitable for you. This is probably the reason the game had such success in the gaming world of consoles.

Speaking of success, while a little off-topic, we hear that Mojang (which is the developer of Minecraft) has made a profit of over $326 million only last year which is actually breath-taking. Hopefully, the game will keep having the same success in the future.

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