Minecraft Gets Portable on PS Vita – Play Anywhere

If you are an addicted player of Minecraft, you know you love both the computer version (for all the mods and downloadable features) and the console version (who doesn’t like the slip screen multiplayer mode the game comes with?). Now, although we also love these two versions, we have to admit that the tablet version is not as exciting.

The version of Minecraft that works on smartphones and tablets is called the Minecraft Pocked and is a significantly slimmed down version of the game. Because of the smaller memory capacity, this game has problems when it comes to updates and is just not as feature-packed as the original. What else can we say rather than the fact that we’re patiently (or not) waiting for the Minecraft Pocket 0.9.0 release date.

At the E3 event, we were able to see the Minecraft game perform on PlayStation Vita. Thankfully, this version is not slimmed down since the console can handle the game’s features. What we saw was a nice user experience: a very good looking game on a wide screen. The only observation is that the frame-rate on this demo version did slow down a couple of times, but overall, the game impressed the audience.

As any good game starts, and as all the other Minecraft game versions start as well, the PlayStation Vita also starts with a tutorial to set the basic knowledge about the game. If you are a parent that has bought the game for your child, you can follow this tutorial to see what exactly your children are playing – we find that the tutorial is very capable and gets hold of the basic idea of the game. Be careful though, you don’t want to spend more time on the couch than your kids themselves.

If you are a fan of the computer version rather than the console version, don’t be too quick to judge because this is quite a nice version of the game. Actually, fun fact you should know: the sales for the console version (Play Station 4 and Xbox 360) have a bigger number than the ones for the computer version (PC and Mac). The total number of copies sold is of 54 million copies.

An interesting feature that we are expecting from the Minecraft developers is the option to import your saves on Play Station 3 onto your Play Station 4, or your saves on Xbox 360 onto your Xbox One. The game will offer 36 times more space on the next generation hardware.

The developer for the Play Station 3 and Play Station Vita states that the cross-save function is the best feature of this game version: “Saves are transferable between the PlayStation 3 and Vita versions of Minecraft. You will be able to craft at home on your PlayStation 3, and then continue on the bus/toilet with your PlayStation Vita.” Also, “all of the DLC you’ve purchased for Minecraft: PlayStation 3 Edition will work on PlayStation 3 + Vita Edition.”

There still hasn’t been an official statement about the release date for Minecraft on the Xbox One, Play Station 4 or Play Station Vita, but most people are expecting it sometime later this year. S

As for Minecraft Pocked 0.9.0, we are expecting the release date any minute now.

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