Minecraft Head Into The Clouds Contest Winners

The time for the Planet Minecraft contest winners to be congratulated has finally arrived. Planet Minecraft organized the 9th edition of its contest, and permitted users to submit entries until July 29. The entry review period, which took 5 days, has come to an end, and we have news of the prizes given. Planet Minecraft had to choose from 198 entries.

For the 9th Planet Minecraft project, appropriately called Head Into The Clouds, participants were supplied with a custom map of a floating island. The competition rules stated that competitors should keep most of the original design of the floating island, although expansion of the original island was permitted.

For this contest, the organizer permitted contestants no use of photo manipulation, mods, imports, texture packs, scripting, or any existing content for the development of their contest entry. The use of such creation methods were considered enough of a reason to get disqualified altogether. It is understandable why those judging the competition showed no mercy upon finding such forged entries, as there isn’t really any time left for games and simple slaps on the wrist when you have to inspect, analyze and choose from almost 200 original content creations.

Now, let’s get on to the actual winners and prizes. Let us see what is the justification of their work.

The first prize of the competition goes to BlockWorks. For his first prize winning creation,  Aeternium- Symphony of Dreams, BlockWorks has been rewarded with $60 worth of games on Steam, as well as a contest-themed pixel art trophy for his profile’s trophy case. He has also been rewarded by having his profile featured on Planet Minecraft for a full week.

The second prize of the Planet Minecraft project goes to Pandoras_Blocks. For his effort entitled Hearthveil- Lost in Thought, Pandoras_Blocks has been awarded half what BlockWorks got for first prize in Steam games, $30 that is. Aside from that, second prize received the same honors as first prize, namely his profile featured for one full week on Planet Minecraft, as well as a gold, contest-themed pixel art trophy for his profile’s trophy case.

The third and final grand prize of the competition has been awarded to the profile which came in third at the end of the competition, which goes by the name MysticAbsents. His work, entitled Lunar Dream, has been rewarded with $20 worth of Steam games, as well as the other two distinction which were also received by first and second place, a gold, contest-themed pixel art trophy, and a profile feature for a week on Planet Minecraft.

It’s worth mentioning that the winner’s creations are available for download if you wish to take a closer look, and that they look stunning and truly deserve congratulations.

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