Minecraft On Custom Xbox One Servers ?

Although no kind of development has official started towards this feature, Daniel Kaplan has stated that Mojang is actually thinking of implementing player-owned severs. The players would be able to customize their servers and set up custom worlds. They would also be able to invite their friends, and they could explore the worlds even if they weren’t there.

In an interview, the same Daniel Kaplan has stated that Mojang doesn’t know when the whole custom severs idea for the Xbox One will work, and that they are looking into different solutions and ideas. Basically, he says that they are waiting for the right time to implement this kind of feature, because it resembles what they are doing on the PC version of Minecraft. As said further in the interview conducted by OXM, Mojang knows that such a feature would please the Minecraft users, and that they are getting many questions regarding this subject.

The new Minecraft version promises some new features for the online mode. No specific details were released yet, but there is a chance that one of these features might be the possibility of players being able to save their worlds on Microsoft’s Azure servers. This is a little hard to believe though, due to the amount of storage the Minecraft worlds need as they expand more and more, and also to the growing number of Minecraft players that would save worlds that Microsoft would have to support, which is a matter of thousands.

The implementation of such a feature by Microsoft or even Mojang still leaves a few questions, like what would users expect to take out of their wallet for this kind of service, as they already have to fund their Xbox Gold monthly subscription. Custom servers and the ability to save worlds couldn’t come completely free, seeing all the trouble the developers would have to go through to support them, but still, these are among the most-wanted features for Minecraft.

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