Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.10.0 Top Features

The Minecraft : Pocket Edition just got upgraded to the 0.9.0 version, last week. The updates brought to he game new items and mobs, infinite number of worlds, more biomes and a lot of new improvements.

But as always, an upgrade is not enough, we are waiting for the 0.10.0 version of Minecraft.

The Pocket Edition is getting close to the PC version. The demands that the users are making are smaller, but more specific. I will present you 10 features of the game that we will like to see in the next update.

Controller support

The pocket edition of Minecraft is not known to have the best controls. The big joystick is not very good and it can get pretty annoying when you have to fight enemies.

What we would love to see are real buttons and maybe even analogue sticks.This could be done using controlled on iOS, and the supported pads for android. Its true that we can use the mapper tool to play with psychical controls, but this is just an adjustment, we would love some official way of doing this.


Brewing potions is an essential aspect of the game, crafting them out of raw materials and using them for utility in combat.

The potions can be used for a lot of boosts, like regenerating health, resist fire, see in the dark, underwater breathing, speed increase and even to go invisible. I strongly believe that if potion would be included in the Pocket edition, it will make the game a whole lot better.

Boats and fishing

The pocket edition had only one way of transport (the mine carts) in the 0.8 version. Now you will be able to sail the seas and explore oceans using boats.

Having included boats in the game, you should also be able to fish in the lakes, seas, etc. And after that you should also be able to cook the fish and eat it.


Having Hunger in the game is making the game a lot more frustrating for sure. But this feature makes the game a lot more interesting, because you have to take care of your health and it really fits the Mincraft theme, the survival theme. Having this feature will get players to grow crops, go hunting, adding more stuff to do. But there should also be a off and on button for this feature.


The redstone helps the player create items like clocks, compasses and powered rails in the Pocket edition.

In the PC version, the Redstone allows you to build circuits. You can create powerful contraptions.

This material has been used to create about everything from automatic farms to mini-games and calculators. Having the Redstone in the Pocket.


Minecraft (1.0) used the idea from Skyrim, that you can upgrade armor, tools, weapons and even enchant them with magic power.
Minecraft went a bit Skyrim in version 1.0, and introduced the ability to enchant armour, tools, weapons, and books with magic properties.

Having this option will allow you to create amazing items like swords that can make enemies drop better loot, shoes to make you run faster, etc.


Without the music of Daniel Rosenfelds piano soundtrack, Minecraft doesn’t feel the same. Having the ambiental music makes you go explore more,  I think the Pocket edition should have it also.


Having an infinite number of worlds you can get easily lost in Minecraft. We should have a map that tracks our movement, so we can able to adventure without the risk of not knowing where our house is.

In the full version of Minecraft you can make maps using materials like compass and paper, in the console version you automatically start with a map.


Since Minecraft is such a popular game and alot of people are streaming themself while playing, we should have an App built in the game to send us straight to Twitch.tv . And this can be done since Twitch, has a new API.


In the Pc version, the achievement system seems like a tutorial for new players. It starts from the first tree you punch and it goes on till the final boss, helping you learn the game while getting more and more achievements.

The achievements system will help new players get to know the game.

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