Minecraft Pocket Edition Update Makes Available Infinite Worlds

The Pocket Edition of Minecraft is getting an update and it’s a big one: the update will contain some of the features we see on PC which were not available to the “mini” version of Minecraft.

If you’re a Minecraft addict, you surely read one or two articles on which Minecraft version is better and more successful. It mostly is a battle between the PC/Mac version of the game and the console one. But the discussion is never about the handheld one. While Minecraft has great success on all its platforms, the Pocket Edition isn’t that greatly admired by reviewers because it doesn’t showcase as many features as the other two versions.

Now, with the Pocket Edition upgrade in mind, we think that people will change their opinion about the game since it will feature many of the PC options we didn’t see before like: ie, walking in any direction without any restriction and infinite worlds.

The update brings a lot of PC features like: villages, caves, abandoned mineshafts, mobs like Enderman, block types and even additional biomes the Pocket Edition didn’t have before. The new version of the game promises to fix a number of bugs that were encountered in the past, as well as some touchscreen UI changes. The new worlds added will make this version even more similar to the PC version.

A downside might be that not any device will be able to download Minecraft’s infinite worlds, but don’t worry. There’s an alternative way to have that too. If your device is slightly older, you can connect to the new worlds shown in the update via multiplayer.

Without further ado, let’s see a complete list of the changes we will see with the 0.9.0 update the Minecraft Pocked Edition is getting.

  • Infinite worlds
  • Various new blocks and items we would usually only have on the computer version like: mushroom blocks and Monster Eggs.
  • The update brings in wolves, which means you can tame your own and transform it into your pet.
  • Flowers – and with that we said everything.
  • Mobs like: Enderman (terrifying) and Mooshrooms (not so terrifying)
  • Biomes: jungles, extreme hills, mesas and swamps
  • Caves
  • New places like villages and mineshafts
  • A new button for interaction to prevent any accidental punching.
  • New vines, monster rooms and lakes.
  • Fixed bugs

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