Minecraft Powerful iOS Update – Planet of the Apes

We see two great games making some updates in the near future: Minecraft will update the iOS version of the game with infinite worlds and more, while we can see that Plague, Inc. is bringing their own exciting update to the game: control of apes colonies.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Mojang, the owner of Minecraft, are stating that this is the largest update to come to iOS which will bring new, exciting features to the Pocket Edition. The update brings infinite worlds which is great, as well as caves, lakes, vines and villages. Don’t forget about new types of blocks that were previously available only on computer, as well as new mobs like Enderman and Mooshrooms.

The game will have flowers (to make your life so pretty) and a lot of biomes like swamps, extreme hills, jungles and mesas.

The update will bring multiple bug fixes, as well as a fixing of the interaction button to make sure that no users will ever “accidentally punch a sheep again” – in the words of Mojang’s spokesman.

The 0.9.0 Pocket Edition is already available in the App Store to buy at the price of 6.99 dollars.

Plague, Inc.

Plague, Inc. is known for their games with the “infect the world” goal they usually include in their content. They have recently teamed up with 20th Century Fox’s Dawn of the Planet of the Apes – an upcoming film to expand the game in a “Simian Flu” aspect. Basically, the new updated game will give you the option of controlling your own colony of intelligent apes that will spread disease and terror in the world to ruin researches and any effort of the humans to survive the apes taking over the planet.

Not only will the update bring that, but also new graphics, music, events, government actions, achievements, genes and evolutions. Of course, what’s an update without some bug fixes? As said by the developer Ndemic Creations, the updated version will fix the game balance, bugs and AI.

The 1.9 version of Plague, Inc. can be bought in the App Store at the price of 0.99 dollars.

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