Minecraft PS3 Upgrade with Cartoon Texture and Fantasy Graphics

The xbox 360 version of Minecraft has been released by The 4J Studios two years ahead of the PS3 version. Usually the new content came out faster for Microsoft’s console because of this.

Even if the PS3 player didn’t get the DLC patches the same time as for Xbox 360, that does not mean the will not receive it. The date of the texture update DLC packs for PS3 has been confirmed by 4J Studios to be on July 14th.

As soon as the next update comes the Play Station 3 will get the Cartoon Texture pack and the Fantasy Texture Pack also. Even if 4J Studios didn’t say when the new update will come, it will probably happen after they release Minecraft for the next-gen consoles like PS4 and Xbox One, which will happen in August.

Installing DLC patches on consoles is not as controversial as on the PC version of Minecraft. Because in the PC version you can mod your DLC, and in the console’s case you can only install the official DLC (skin or texture packs).

As I said before 4J studios are working on getting Minecraft to the next-gen consoles (Xbox One, PS4). The good news is that if you are planing on getting next-gen consoles you can just upgrade your old Minecraft with only $4.99 instead of straight up buying it for $19.99, and the second best thing that you can do is you can save your original Minecraft world and put it in the next-gen version of Minecraft.


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