Minecraft PS4 Having Issues with Sony Certification – What Will 4J Studios Do?

Debated for quite some time now, it seemed like the console versions of the popular game Minecraft finally saw a release date in the horizon. With the Xbox One and PS Vita editions in the final stages and on their way, 4J Studios already finished the PS4 Edition, and submitted it to Sony for the final verification. What seemed like an easy formality turned out to be a plan-wrecker for 4J, as Sony denied their PS4 Minecraft Edition, sending them back to fix the bugs and problems that made them fail the final test. The studio announced the sad news through their Twitter account, saying that they still have bugs to fix, and then they will have to submit the game to Sony all over again. While it is doubtable that 4J won’t succeed in their second attempt, it is still going to take some time before they get the PS4 version ready for a new submission.

4J first submitted the game to Sony on August 12, with scheduled plans of releasing the PS4 Minecraft sometimes this month. Although more than achievable prior to this let-down, releasing the game in August became more of a challenge  now that they have to re-submit the game. The PS Vita edition that 4J has in the works and under bug testing as we speak, is also set to make its debut in August.

The Xbox One edition is undergoing serious testing as well, before 4J is ready to submit the game to Microsoft for final testing. Earlier plans predicted an August release date for the Xbox One version as well. Now that the PS4 version failed verification, the developer is probably taking its time making sure the same won’t happen with this version.

The new console versions will feature a considerable discount for those who purchased the Xbox 360 and PS3 editions. Those who did so can get the new, next-gen console version for less than $5, and they will be able to continue where they left off, as the Xbox One and PS4 editions will support X360 and PS3 game saves. The Minecraft that will come out for the PS Vita can be switched between the PS Vita and PS3.

Minecraft was launched for PC back in 2011, and since then it expanded to various other platforms, managing to score over 54 million sales. Some speculate the game porting on Wii platforms sooner or later as well.


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