Minecraft PS4, PSVita and Xbox One Release Date With Best Graphics

It is believed that the Minecraft versions for the PS4, PS Vita and Xbox One will come out in quite a short time. This is believed due to a recent report involving the game developers, as both 4J and Mojang stated that the game in question would be out somewhere within the month of August.

Apparently, GameStop has been spreading printouts regarding the release dates in question, and the release date for the Xbox One Minecraft was slated as being 19 August. Thi printout was later photographed and shared by a Minecraft forum user. It is possible that the PS4 version of Minecraft will come out on the same day, but for the moment, this is more of a speculation, rather than a fact.

It also possible that Minecraft fans waiting for these releases might be celebrating a little too early, because of the recent reports that said the console versions of Minecraft would be pushed back until September.

There were also several tweets from 4J, in which they kept fans updated saying that they are continuously working on making the game better, fixing bugs and solving problems for the console versions of the game.

Majong previously listed a whole lot of details about the Xbox One version of the game. It said that the new version will be sold for $19.99 and that the Minecraft players which bought the Xbox 360 version through the Xbox Marketplace, or played the game online by using the disc version of the game, will be able to upgrade to the new Xbox One version for only $4.99. In the new edition, the world will be bigger, as Mojan said, and players will be able to import saved games from the Xbox 360 edition (Importing Xbox One save files into Xbox 360 will not be possible, however). The new edition will have all the features included in the latest update for the Xbox 360, and upon its release, you will be able to upgrade for a minimum of 1 year. You will not be able to play across different consoles, and also, some of the Xbox 360 DLC skins will not be available. Although the most part of them will be ready to use, some are locked in licensing deals that prevent Mojang from using them in the Xbox One version. However, out of all these details, one of the most interesting for anticipating fans might be the fact that the Xbox One edition of Minecraft is set to be released in August, as said by Mojang.

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