Minecraft PS4 Ready To Go, PS Vita and Xbox One Editions Delayed Until September

Good news ahead for those awaiting the console versions of the popular building gamer, Minecraft, especially those waiting for the PS4 edition. It seems like the PS4 edition of the game is in advanced stages, and the other two, the Xbox One and PS Vita editions, while behind the PS4 version, are still very near completion.

Through a message posted on the popular social network Twitter, 4J, the developer behind Minecraft, announced that it has official finished work on Minecraft PS4 edition, and that the new PlayStation version was given to the guys over at Sony, to finally test and certify the game.

There is a pretty big chance that PS4 owners might wake up with the new Minecraft version on their hand by the end of August. The only way this might not occur, is if the testing team from Sony find some major problem with the game. The game’s certification won’t take more than a week or two.

The Xbox One and PS Vita versions, however, will probably not be released to the awaiting fans as early as August, but they are on the way, and the waiting period before you can grab it is still relatively short.

4J tweeted again, regarding the two aforementioned versions , saying that they are still fixing the games, and looking out for any potential bugs they can still squash, promising to submit more news to the public on the matter ,as soon as they are available.

Seeing how the Xbox One and PS Vita editions still need a little work, as a Xbox One or PS Vita owner, it might be safer for you to expect a September release date.

Focusing a little bit on the PS Vita edition, it’s worth noting that it will have all the latest features implemented on the PS3 version, and you will be able to save and swap save files between the two. If you’ve purchased the PS3 edition from the marketplace, you can get the PS Vita edition for free.

The Minecraft versions for the next-gen consoles offer worlds that are up to 36 times bigger than those featured on the previous console models and also provide  greater drawing distance. Save files from the older consoles onto the new ones will be possible, although transferring the other way around, from the Xbox One to the Xbox 360 for example, won’t be possible due to technological complications, as it is harder to shrink worlds than it is to expand them.

If you previously bought a console version on Minecraft from the marketplace, you will be able to upgrade with a discount, the end price being as small as $4.99.

Also worth mentioning is the fact that certain DLC skins won’t be able to cross over to the next-gen console editions due to complicated licensing agreements and restrictions.


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