Minecraft PS4 Release Date Postponed By Developer 4J Studios

This week was the bearer of bad news for eagerly awaiting Minecraft fans, as those playing the popular sandbox-type building game on consoles, and especially await the PS4 edition of the game, found out that the developer, 4J Studios, has delayed the release of the version. This occurred due to Sony finding unacceptable bugs during the final testing of the product.

The news were delivered to awaiting fans through the popular social network Twitter, where the Minecraft developer specified that Sony wasn’t ok with their final product, and that they will, of course, re-submit, but it will take more time, because they have to go through the process all over again.

Although this doesn’t necessarily mean that the delay will be huge, it still makes 4J’s chances of releasing the PS4 version of Minecraft this month slim to none. The last time they’ve submitted to Sony, the PS4 manufacturer responded 8 days later. Also, the last PlayStation Store update for this month is scheduled for the 26th. Taking these into consideration, the August release of the PS4 version seems impossible to achieve. The game developer is already pressured to get the game out as soon as possible.

However, even if fans won’t get their hands on the game in August, there are practically 100% chances this will happen during September, and the Minecraft community can rejoice then. The Xbox One and PS Vita editions that are in the works alongside the PS4 edition also seem to be heading for a September release, as 4J tweeted earlier regarding the two, communicating to anticipating future-customers that they are still in the process of fixing problems that occur within the game, and that they are getting rid of all bugs they can find. After they manage to get the game ready for submission, it shouldn’t be too much longer, as Microsoft and Sony have similar response times for game verifications.

Those getting the Xbox One  or PS4 edition will benefit from greater draw distance, as well as bigger worlds, that can outgrow worlds from previous consoles up to 36 times. Game saves from older consoles will be transferable to the next-gen editions, but not the other way around. The only setback will be the fact that some of the DLC skins will not be able to cross over to the new console due to licensing agreements.

The PS Vita version that is set to be releasing soon alongside the PS4 and Xbox One editions will not feature any special improvement, as it will represent more of a gateway between the Vita and the PS3. You will be able to swap saves between the two, and even get one free when you buy the other one. A favorable scenario for this version is when you play on your PS3 at home, then take the current game with you on the road via the PS Vita.

If you previously purchased a Minecraft version for the Xbox 360 or PS3, you will be able to get the new Xbox One or PS4 edition with a considerable discount, for a total price of under $5. 


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