Minecraft Release Date on August 19th For Console Versions

It is possible that the release date for the PS4, PSVita and Xbox One editions of the popular game Minecraft might have been revealed. Going a while back, the names behind the game, J4 and Mojang, have previously stated that these editions of Minecraft would be released sometime during the month of August. Now, the internet has learned, through a Minecraft forum user, that there were Minecraft for Xbox One game release date printouts handed out by Gamestop. It seems, according to the printouts, that the release date for the Xbox One Minecraft, will be August 19th.

Even though not confirmed, there is a big possibility for Xbox One Minecraft to be released at the same time with PS4 Minecraft. Also, there were rumors circulating earlier about a possible push back for both the Xbox One and PS4 editions, for September.

One of the companies involved with the game, J4, has stated through a series of tweets that it is currently trying to fix and resolve all the bugs and problems still unhandled for the new Minecraft editions that are set to come out, namely the Xbox One, PS4 and PSVita editions. They also stated that they will not stop making updates for the older, Xbox 360 version of the game, even though they crossed to the next gen consoles.

Quite a few details are currently known about the Xbox One edition, thanks to Mojang’s statements. They revealed that the new Xbox One version will be released in August, on the Xbox Live Marketplace, and will bring bigger draw distance and also worlds much larger than its predecessor had. And it will have all the features included in the latest Xbox 360 update. Xbox 360 game saves can be imported into the Xbox One edition, but it won’t work the other way around, and also, it won’t be possible for users to play from different consoles, and all parties must use either the Xbox 360 or the Xbox One. Due to licensing agreements, not all DLC will be successfully transferred to the Xbox One, but Mojang does say that most of them will.

The Xbox One Edition will come out for only $19.99, but you can get it for as cheap as $4.99 if you bought the Xbox 360 version from the Live Marketplace, or if you played it online using the disc version. In those cases, you will be able to upgrade your game for only $4.99.

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