Minecraft Teams Up With Lego For Releasing Several Sets This Autumn

The best-selling computer game Minecraft has announced that they are going to partner with the toymaker Lego Company. They will release toys inspired from the Minecraft world.

Minecraft has always been compared to the Lego games, since you can build up anything you want, form the “Death Star” to a Sky Scraper, and just like Lego everything is build using blocks.

The Danish company have already released four sets of toys inspired by Minecraft, they used small figures and blocks than the usual ones. Lego has announced that in the next few months they will release more sets of toys with normal sizes. The Minecraft sets will be produced just like the Lego Star Wars or Lego Harry Potter sets.

Carl Manneh, the chief executive of Mojang has stated: “Credit to Lego: they could see us as competition and not work with us but they’re basically just embracing it and putting a lot of effort into this project,”

Minecraft is one of the most popular games out there, they have over 54 million copies sold. The game has been released for every platforms, from PC, Xbox, Play Station to smartphones and tablets. There were other games that got as popular as Minecraft did, but what makes Minecraft different from them, and the reason why Minecraft continues to profit is because unlike other popular games they have been very careful when it came to choosing partners and licensing their products. Warner Brothers, the ones who made the successful Lego Movie have announced that they would also make a Minecraft movie. The movie will be out in three or four years.

Mojang’s chief oprating officer, Vu Bui, has said that their collaboration with Lego is going very good. He also said that Lego has reached out to the Minecraft players community and asked them for feedback on how the character models should look.

The player community helped Lego decide on what is the best model for a lot of different character like the Creepers or even a mining cart. Brian Eskilden has said that there are a lot of similarities between Minecraft and Lego, the biggest thing they have in common is the building aspect, and that its amazing what Minecraft has done.

Mr. Vu Bui has said that he thinks that the Minecraft Lego sets will help Lego get in the theme of building different stuff using only blocks, and not just designs of cars or ships that are on the box. He also said that what they want to do is have people play with Lego blocks as they play MineCraft. To build, and rebuild.

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