Minecraft Wii U Graphics Updates and Info According To Dev

The popular building game Minecraft has been made available for almost every important platform there is. The platforms that didn’t get a Minecraft edition were the ones offered by Nintendo. It’s no secret that the fanbase which would go crazy over the release of a Minecraft edition for the Nintendo 3DS or Nintendo Wii, but that just didn’t seem to materialize into a game. We might finally have a reason for that, and it seems it would be related to the update process and the install base aspect.

We can offer information from Daniel Kaplan, who works at 4J Studios, the developer behind Minecraft, via Softpedia. In an interview with TotalXbox, the 4J Studios official   said that they did not see the success for the mobile version coming . The positive reviews following the release of the console version caught them off guard once more. They’ve noticed that everything Minecraft related they release is compared to the PC version which is supposedly considered the original game version that gets all the updates, but in the same time, a high demand for other platform version is present, meaning that there are people who don’t play on the PC.

The Minecraft official went on saying that after they finish releasing the Minecraft versions for the next-gen consoles, of which one is already completed and the other isn’t too far behind, 4J will satisfy their needs for the moment. Continuing, he stated that releasing the game on other platforms would have to make sense, and also the fan base for it, as they won’t develop the game for a platform without the appropriate fanbase, because it would represent too much of an effort. This goes a bit in against some facts, like 4J working on a PS Vita version when the platform is hardly selling units, while the Wii U is outpacing the likes of Xbox One by numbers that even reach a million units, with a constant and large fanbase. Various indie games have found a more than satisfying selling point through the Wii U, which would make a nice addition to the Minecraft platform family, given the way the game is designed in relation to the Wii’s gamepad.

Another reason invoked by Kaplan was the fact that 4J doesn’t want to release on platforms they fear wouldn’t update the game, but instead want to kill it off because it sold only 1000 copies. Given the high demand for the version, as well as Nintendo’s display of flexibility in times of need, it is most probable that the two could make the Wii Minecraft work, although no announcements of plans to see this materialize have been made.


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