Minecraft Xbox One and PS4 Release Date Along with Prices and Bug Fixes

Rumors about the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 versions of the popular game Minecraft  have been floating around for quite some time now, and many of them made enthusiast fans speculate a possible August release date for both consoles. However, reports coming in suggest that the developer’s possible plans of pushing an August release for the Xbox One Minecraft, as well as the PlayStation 4 Minecraft could suffer some undesired delays, due to the fact that the guys are still trying to squash all bugs so that when the games finally hit the market, there won’t be any reasons for fans and customers to complain or be unhappy with the product. As to this point, the game has not been officially announced. There were also rumors claiming that the console editions of Minecraft wouldn’t see the light of day until September. The company behind Minecraft’s development,4J, announced the current status of the development, namely still being the bug squashing phase, via their Twitter account, recently.

Reports also suggest that by the time we get a hold of the Xbox One edition of Minecraft, the game will feature the possibility for players to save their game online, through Microsoft’s Azure servers, which would become part of the game via Xbox Live. This kind of step up for the game could be implemented if the developer takes its time for a September release, sources say. Other upgrades from the Xbox 360 edition include bigger worlds to work with, as well as a bigger capacity support, for 8 players. A larger number of supported players might be in the works for the future.

The Xbox One edition will also be able to import world and DLC skins previously gained or created in the Xbox 360 edition. However, Xbox One worlds cannot be imported to X360, due to the fact that it is easier for the developer to expand worlds, than it is to shrink them. Speaking of Xbox 360, 4J announced, also through a tweet, that the work on the X36 edition has been pushed a little in the background to make room for the current spotlight attraction, the Xbox One edition.

As for the price, you can either get  the Xbox One edition for $19.99, or for a measly $4.99 if you have previously bought the X36 edition from the marketplace, or used the disc version of it to play online.


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