Minecraft Xbox One and PS4 Release Date Delayed for Technical Problems

The developer behind the popular building game Minecraft, namely 4J Studios, has announced last week that console gamers awaiting the release of Minecraft’s PS4 edition will have to hold on a while longer. The message was delivered to the wide public through Twitter, and it didn’t make users quite happy.

They announced that Sony, to whom they had submitted their PS4 edition of Minecraft earlier, for the final testing, found several problems including bugs and therefore wasn’t able to certify Minecraft PS4 Edition just yet. 4J said that they will re-submit after they fix all the problems, but that means they have to go through the whole process all over again, and that is going to take some time. Due to this delay, the chances of 4J releasing the game in August are pretty much 0, but there also slim chances for them to release the game later than September. The SCEA, SCEE and SCEJ handle game certification for North American, Europe and Japan, respectively. Every game needs to go through one of these before they can get Sony’s certification. As far as everybody know, the other console version in the works for as long as the PS4 version, the Xbox One and PS Vita editions, are still undergoing severe testing and optimization, as 4J wants to eliminate all existing bugs before submitting. After their rejection from Sony, they probably take things two times slower now, so they won’t get the same response from Microsoft. That being said, further details about the game versions, including their release dates, are unknown.

Compensation in the form of good news for Minecraft comes from the likes of Lego, which announced that they will be releasing two Minecraft-themed play sets later this year. So there’s something that seems to be working in Minecraft’s favor. IGN reports that sightings of one of the sets already took place, on the website of a UK retailer called Hamley. The set seems to feature several Minecraft-related items such as a pickaxe, a zombie, a spider, Steve, and TNT. It also comes with a chest you can put all the items in. This particular set is supposedly called The Carve. Another set called The Farm and includes items like Steve, a crafting table, crop items like wheat and sugar cane, farm animals and a skeleton. The Ender Dragon, The Mine and The First Night will all represent inspiration for other Minecraft sets which are ready to be released at a later date.


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