Minecraft Xbox One and PS4 Release Date Upgrade from 4J With Brilliant Graphics

New info on the Minecraft situation! It appears as if 4J Studio managed to re-submit the game to Sony for the final testing. We remind you that 4J already submitted the game to Sony once earlier, but it failed to pass verification, and it was sent back to the lab. The developer behind Minecraft shared the good news with its fans through a tweet, adding that it is keeping its fingers crossed for the success of this second attempt.

4J continued by adding that the Xbox One version of the game is also in its last stages, as they are almost done completely sweeping the console edition clean of any pre-existing bugs, and the optimistic predictions make it eligible for being submitted to Microsoft for the final testing as early as next week.

It seems, however, that the PS Vita edition isn’t quite ready yet, and it will take a little more time than the PS4 and Xbox One before getting a submission.

Further tweets spoke about transferring game saves from one device to another. The developer said that some minor updates, namely the Minecraft XBLA and Minecraft PS3 updates, are in the works and will give players the ability to transfer their games saves from the Xbox 360 and PS 3 to Xbox One and PS4 respectively. The PS3 saves will also work with the PS Vita.

Although they are in the final phases of development and submission, it still isn’t certain if they will be able to push the next-gen console version of Minecraft for an August release date, as originally intended. The biggest role in the possible later release was played by Sony not approving Minecraft’s first submission earlier this month.

We also have a list of features for the upcoming Minecraft versions that might prove that they are worth the wait:

Xbox One

  • The Xbox One edition will be available for purchase on the Live Marketplace, and users will be able to grab it for $19.99
  • If users previously purchased the Xbox 360 edition, they will receive a generous discount, and will be able to pick up the fresh release for only $4.99
  • The latest features from Xbox 360 will be included in the Xbox One edition
  • The game will offer worlds that will be up to 36 times larger than those featured on the previous console
  • Game save transfer will be possible from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One, but not the other way around, due to being easier to expand worlds, rather than shrink them
  • You will need two identical consoles to play the game, as cross-platform play will not be supported
  • Most DLC skins from the previous edition will be imported, although a few of them won’t be able to cross over, due to licensing agreements.

PS3 + Vita

  • The PS3 + Vita edition will be available through the PSN
  • The game will cost $19.99
  • It will include all the latest PS3 features
  • The game on Vita will be made available for free for those who previously purchased the game for the


  • The other way around works too, if you first bought the game for the PS Vita
  • The game saves from the PS3 and PS Vita work on each other’s device, so you can play on your PS3 at home than pick up right where you left off when you’re on the road, on your PS Vita
  • All DLCs previously bought on PS3 will work on the new edition


  •           The PS4 edition will be available on the PSN
  •            The game will cost you $19.99, if you happened to purchase the PS3 version before, case in which you will get the PS4 version for a serious discount, so you will only have to pay $4.99
  •           All features previously seen on the PS3 edition will be available
  •           PS3 and PS Vita saves can be imported into the PS4 edition, although the other way around won’t be possible due to the differences between expanding and shrinking worlds
  •           Cross-platform play won’t be available
  •           Most DLC skins will be available for import, although some might be restricted due to licensing agreements.


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