Minecraft Xbox One Finally Gets A Release Date

A sense of relief struck the Minecraft community, especially those waiting for the developer to finish the Xbox One edition of the game.  The release date for the aforementioned version has finally arrived, and it seems like Minecraft fans will get to enjoy the Xbox One version starting with the 5th of September. For the game, they will have to take out $19.99 out of their wallets for the full retail price. However, the game comes with a discount most would agree is substantial, for those who’ve already purchased the Xbox 360 edition. In order for the discount to apply, you must connect online, to your Xbox Live account, using either the retail disc version of the game, or the one you’ve bought online from the Live Marketplace.

If playing online, the Xbox One edition will let you join 7 other friends for a total of 8 players at a time. The game also offers support for split screen playing during local games, and it split the screen for up to 4 individual players.

The game finally launches on Xbox One after a rather long waiting time for eagerly anticipating fans. It was back in March when a Microsoft official, Phil Spencer, said that the Xbox One edition of Minecraft “will be ready soon”, but in hindsight we can safely say that it didn’t really go down like that. The developer behind Minecraft, 4J Studios, obviously encountered issues it didn’t expect, thus severely delaying the release date, when you think that it was initially announced back at the 2013 edition of E3.

Problems encountered by the developer include bugs and certification issues, as the other next-gen console version (the PS4 edition) failed its first attempt at certification from Sony, and was sent back for tweaking. 4J have been very open about the PS4 Minecraft’s failure, keeping fans up to date on Twitter.

Considering how the PS4 version was ahead of the Xbox One version at one point, and how the Xbox One managed to catch up, it is safe to assume that the PS4 and PS Vita editions are also around the corner.

Minecraft has managed to become a record-breaking, top selling, global phenomenon, as the numbers revolving around the game since its release are quite impressive. The game, which first appeared for the PC, managed to sell 16 million units on its original platform alone. The overall sales of Minecraft, including console versions, reach past the 54 million mark as of July.

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