Minecraft Xbox One – Guardians of The Galaxy and Pocket Edition 0.9.5 Release

The Xbox One edition of Minecraft, which is set to be released this August, will not come alone, but bearing a new exclusive skin, which is already ready to go.

The new skin pack that will be available for the Xbox One and Xbox 360 editions of Minecraft, will feature skins related to the new upcoming superhero movie, Guardians of the Galaxy. This rumor has been confirmed as being true by one of the editors working for Marvel, Ben Morse, which posted a message on Twitter. The post was supposedly accompanied by pictures of the upcoming skins as well. Although neither the tweet or other sources mentioned a release date for this new superhero themed skin pack, many believe and speculate that it will be released alongside a related major debut, such as the release of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie, which is this week. Another option would be to stick the new skin pack to the release of the Minecraft Xbox One edition, making it a double release, if you will. The people in charge of Minecraft have not given any specific release date for the new Minecraft editions, which are the Xbox One edition, the PS4 edition, and the PS Vita edition, but have promised an August release. If that is to be true, we can expect the launch of the Guardian of the Galaxy skin pack around early August, when these editions will come out. The skin pack includes skins for all five major characters of the movie, so you can choose the skin of your favorite character.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

It seems like Mojang is taking very good care of its Pocket Edition for Minecraft, releasing quite a few updates for the game edition in a relatively short period of time. They declared that they have eliminated a great deal of bugs and problems with the game, and that the latest update, 0.9.5 should be quite stable. You can read the original statement given by Mojan on their official website below:

“We just release MCPE 0.9.5 ,another bugfix version for the 0.9. This time it may or may not be the last, but we hope so!”

“We found and squashed many nasty bugs still hiding in the very fabric on the game, so 0.9 should be now quite stable”

Some of the fixes included in this update are :

  •           Yr=130 placement for players which find themselves placed at extreme heights after respawn due to a bug.
  •           No more background rendering for the game on Android devices.
  •           If the server is full, you won’t experience being stuck on the Looking for Server screen anymore.
  •           Animals no longer despawned.


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