Minecraft Xbox One, PS4 and PS Vita Release Date Update

Mojang and 4J have been in the lab for quite some time now, letting us know that next-gen console versions of Minecraft are in the works. Finally, it seems that after a lot of speculation and anticipation, the PS4 version of the game is finally ready, and already sent over at Sony for the final testing. As far as the Xbox One and PS Vita versions go, the developers are still working out the kinks and looking for any remaining bugs to squash, as they, themselves, stated through Twitter updates. Back when the whole madness began with the announcement of the upcoming Minecraft versions, the month of August was mentioned for the release date. It seems like Mojang will probably deliver and launch the PS4 Edition of Minecraft by the end of the month, but for those of you who are waiting for the other two editions, for PS Vita and Xbox One, you might have to hold up until September.

Quite a few details have been released for every version, as follows:

Xbox One Edition

  • The drawing distance has increased tremendously when compared to that of the Xbox 360 Edition, as well as the dimensions of the worlds.
  • The Xbox One Edition is set for an August release, through the Xbox Live Marketplace.
  • The new version will be available for $19.99 and will feature all the latest updates from the Xbox 360 Edition.
  • If you previously bought the X360 version from the marketplace, or played online using the disc version, you will be able to get the Xbox One Edition for only $4.99.
  • X360 game saves can be imported into Xbox One, with no problem, but it won’t work the other way around due to the fact that the game can’t shrink worlds to that extent.
  • You won’t be able to play with a friend on different platforms.
  • Some of the DLC skins will not be imported due to licensing issues.

PS3/PS Vita

Starting with the month of August, you will be able to get the PS3+ Vita Edition of Minecraft from the PSN.

  • All the latest PS3 updates will be included on this version.
  • If you previously bought the PS3 Edition, you can get your game up and running without a dime spent.
  • This version of the game will cost you $19.99, and you get it for both platforms, no matter which platform you bought it for at first.
  • You can swap games saves between the PS3 and PS Vita version without a problem.
  • All the DLC skins will be successfully imported from your previous version.


  • The PS4 Edition promises bigger  worlds and greater drawing distance starting with the month of August, available on PSN.
  •  You can get it for $19.99 and it will feature all the latest updates from the PS3 Edition.
  •  Those who bought the PS3 edition In the past, can now upgrade for only $4.99.
  •  You can import PS3 and PS3 + Vita game saves into the PS4 Edition, but it won’t work the other way around, just like in the case of the Xbox One.
  •  If you want to play with your friend which is using a PS4, you have to use a PS4 too, you can’t play the game from different consoles.
  •  The majority of DLC skins will be successfully imported, although not all of them, due to licensing agreements.

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