Minecraft Xbox One, PS4 and Vita Introducing a 3DS Version

There have been some comments on the subject of a 3DS Minecraft version. A representative from Mojang said that the video game for the Nintendo 3DS won’t be similar to the console versions of Minecraft, but it will resemble the Pocket Edition of the game – that is if this version of the game will ever be released.

Mojang started to import their amazing game to the console part of the industry. While we’ve only seen it before on computers, the game has been reinvented as a console version for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 in the year of 2012.  Next in line was a version for the Playstation 3 which came to the market in 2013. Now that is 2014, the company is waiting to release the “Minecraft Xbox One Edition”, the “Minecraft PS4 Edition” and the “Minecraft Vita Edition”. The Vita version is also on a handheld system (as is the 3DS) but this one was made so that it comes with the same console feel – with the necessary feature cuts.

The representative from Mojang further stated that the “Minecraft 3DS Edition” will actually be an equivalent of the 0.8 version of the Pocket Edition, rather than the 0.9. This is caused by the poor specs when it comes to hardware of the 3DS device, which couldn’t support the infinite worlds that the 0.9 version of the Minecraft Pocket Edition is bringing to the table.

We heard before from Nintendo making some suggestions that they would be delighted to bring Minecraft to their 3DS and Wii U devices. Someone from the company stated that the touch screen both devices hold would be able to support the Minecraft game. Actually, rather than using a gamepad, the spokesman said that the users could be able to use a stylus to navigate the menus of the game.

What we know for sure is that for now, Mojang is only focusing on releasing the three great console versions of Minecraft that will rock the gaming world: the Playstation 4 edition, the one for Vita and the one for Microsoft’s Xbox One. All three are scheduled to hit the market next month (for European and North American users).

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