The Wait For Minecraft’s PS4 Version Comes To An End, Bumpy Ride In Retrospect

The ups and downs regarding the release of Minecraft‘s edition for Sony’s PlayStation 4 keep on coming. The game variant was initially scheduled for an earlier release, and if everything would have gone well, the Minecraft developers would have been able to put the game out back in August. Unfortunately, the release date had to be pushed back due to the game failing the final inspection from Sony and being sent back for bug-removal.

Further on, the game made a slight appearance on the mobile version of Sony’s PlayStation Store, featuring a broken link. ¬†PlayStation France picked up on the series of strange sightings of the game, tweeting that the game would be out the same day, but since then, the tweet has been deleted, it still is quite a possibility of happening soon.

Good news regarding the next-gen console editions of Minecraft come however from the Xbox camp, where the Xbox One edition has already gotten a release date, slated to be on the 5th of September following the news regarding the Xbox One version, 4J Studios, the developer behind Minecraft, stated that the PS4 version will not only be out soon, but possibly even sooner than awaiting fans might think. Daniel Kaplan of Minecraft also posted a tweet that showed an image of the main menu of the PS4 edition, while the tweet read “Almost there”.¬†Exophase went on with the PS4 edition treats, and posted a full trophy list for the PS4 variant.

Twitter is without doubt the preferred social network used for Minecraft updates, as Kaplan tweeted again saying that they are working on some last minute kinks, and that they are trying to bring the game to its release date as soon as possible. The last minute kinks seemed trickier than expected, so the game suffered another slight delay, as specified via Jens Bergensten’s Twitter account. Jen Bergensten is associated with Mojang, 4J’s collaborator on the Minecraft franchise.

The problems surrounding Minecraft:PS4 Edition are far from over, as it seems that multiple spottings of the game on the PlayStation Store are intensifying the wait. The demo version of the game is presumably up for grabs. Multiple complaints have surfaced regarding the actual purchase of the game, saying that upon trying to complete the said purchase, it appears that the store either becomes unable to load, or displays an error, as the money is retrieved from the user’s account, but the game still shows up at $19.99. In the meantime, Sony showed that is is aware of the situation, and since the problems started appearing, managed (According to them), to get the PlayStation network back on track. Even though the problems are supposedly fixed, Sony still advises customers to try again later.


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