Mintel Research: Girls are the biggest smartphone users than boys in UK


According to a new research conducted by Mintel, girls are more techie savvy than boys when it comes to using smartphones. They shop smartphones like everything they do. Girls between age 7-15 are more likely to own a smartphone compared to the boys in the same age group. It is also known that girls text more than boys, 45% of the girls admit they use smartphone everyday while 35% of the boy did in the same age group. We are still taking about the ages from 7 to 15.

While Mintel study is interesting, Telegraph said girls are more likely to own an Mp3 player or even Laptop computer than boys. Mintel adds to that by saying boys are more into big things when it comes to the computer – they owned a Desktop computer! As well as adding to that statement, they revealed that girls are more into gadgets that lets them communicate and collaborate, boys preferred big entertainment systems.

So still talking about the children over the age 7 to 15, only 14% admitted they never use smartphone at all. So it’s concluding to say that girls use smartphones more than boys.


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