Monthly iPad Subscriptions And Themes Options For Office 365

It seems that Microsoft is sending new information regarding its Office service out way, as we get to enjoy a couple of related updates. The update consists of better integration of the iPad in Microsoft’s system, as now users have access to monthly subscriptions from the device. Office 365 users will now be able to sign up in order to benefit from Microsoft’s Office 365 Personal and Office 365 Home available subscriptions. The model for the subscriptions has remained the same, but now it is easier for iPad and Office 365 users to combine the two, as you no longer need to deal with the frustration of leaving your tablet and rushing off to the computer if you decide you want to upgrade your free versions of the Office apps to premium versions. If the sudden need to upgrade occurs, you can simply do it from where you stand, by using your iPad, as a few taps on your tablet device will be sufficient to propel you into the premium user circle.

Taking a look at the details behind the Office 365 Personal subscription program, we see that they have remained the same as before, and if you wish to upgrade, you will have to take $6.99 out of your pocket each month. The service will be available for one Mac or PC unit, as well as only one tablet device. Other benefits associated with upgraded to premium feature a heavy increase of storage capacity for your OneDrive account, as the original 15 GB will now be boosted to a full 1TB of storage, put at your disposal. Moving on to the Home edition of the Office 365 subscription program, you will be able to get the service and install it on up to five computers and also up to 5 tablet devices. Microsoft is planning on raising the number of people opting for the premium account subscription through these offerings.

Slight changes are announced for the desktop version of Microsoft’s Office 365 as well. The upgrade will consist in enhancing the possibility of both companies and individuals to leave their mark in the application. The upcoming update will allow companies for example to make the program match their look, by setting up custom themes and even adding the company’s logo, setting things up for a more personalized Office 365 experience.

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