MoodTune – An app in the works, to treat depression


BrainTracer is the company behind the app, MoodTune, to be available for Android and IOS platform by the end of this spring is on a mission to treat depression through cutting edge neurobehavioral science.

bio-dpizzagalliHarvard psychiatrist Diego Pizzagalli is teaming up with Baltimore- based Canterbury Road Partners incubator, BrainTracer, to turn his research into a digital reality.

Moodtune will be a fun app, that lets you to play a series of games, when you are diagnosed with depression. This app is aimed to be a supplement in addition to taking prescribed drugs to treat depression.

According to Diego Pizzagalli, Moodtune will have about 7 games, when played will simulate the parts of brain that will help counteract symptoms of depression.

BrainTracer will release this app after clinically testing it. The MoodTune™ gaming app will complement existing treatments with the goal of reducing the length and cost of your treatment while improving results.

You can sign up to their announcement list here.

Will neurobehavioral science help manage depression to a level where it doesn’t cost much for treatment? That’s the goal of BrainTracer.

We treat depression using a fun, user-friendly mobile app making recovery easier, cheaper and faster.

I am so eager to see how their research turns into a life saving app.

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