Moto 360 Stock Refresh Coming Soon, Original Stock Depleted Within Hours

An event taking place in Chicago was the host for Motorola‘s newest gadgets. At this event, the manufacturer not only unveiled two of its very anticipated smartphone devices, the Moto X and the Moto G, but also its newest addition to the gadget roster, the Moto 360, which is Motorola’s take on the smartwatch device everyone wants a piece of lately.

The Moto 360 managed to sell all the available units in a matter of hours of its release on the market. To be more precise, it took the device three hours to go out of stock. The “sold out” status has been assigned to the gadget not only in US stores and on the Google Play Store, but also on Motorola’s official website. This forced the brand to send out a tweet informing customers and potential future customers that the device is temporary unavailable. Motorola encourage its fans and customers to sign up for a Motorola account, so that as soon as the gadget is back on shelves, they will be notified. Reports suggest that starting with 14 September, people will be able to get the Moto 360 from BestBuy. In the UK, the device will be made made available starting with October, for the equivalent of about $320. BestBuy suggests that customers make a $25 gift card deposit with them, which they can later use to buy the Moto 360, thus ensuring they get their hands on the gadget when it’s back in stock.

What can users expect from the gadget ?

The Moto 360 features a 1.5 inch circular display, which nicely fits on the wrist, bearing a 320 x 290 resolution. The device’s screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 3. Health and protection seem to be keywords when describing the smartwatch, as on top of the Gorilla Glass 3 technology, the Moto 360 is also water resistant, as it can resist for half an hour at 3.3 m underwater. Also, the device packs several hardware components used for health related features such as the pedometer and the heart rate monitor.

The watch can also be connected to your smartphone through Bluetooth to display all of your information, such as calls, texts and other notifications. You can even set a vibration on your smartwatch for when you get a call

The Moto 360 proves to be a solid choice for a smartwatch, that gives all of its competitors a run for their money with both its features and its classy design. Some of the devices the Moto 360 will have to fend off against are the LG G Watch R, which also sports a circular display unit, the 3G, call supporting and web browsing Samsung Gear S, and the SmartWatch 3 from Sony. Asus also entered the fresh market with its Asus Zenwatch.

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