Moto G2 and Moto M Spotted in FCC Report – Top Features of Moto G Successors

Motorola had a lot of success with their low priced Moto G in 2013. After the release of Moto G, Motorola has released a 4G Option of the Moto G in 2014. After having so much success with the Moto G they are looking to release new successors to Moto G.

There have been released information from a Brazilian FCC document that says Motorola will be releasing three new devices that have the following FCC numbers: XT1068, XT1069 and Xt1063. These devices should not be confused with the Moto X+1(also named Moto X2) that people are waiting for. Android Pit are saying that these devices will not support S4 and they will also be low priced just like the Moto G, and because of that we can tell that it won’t be the Moto X+1 which is going to be pretty expensive compared to the Moto G.

The leaker of the FCC document told TechnoBlog (Portuguese site) that these three devices are going to be different types of Moto G. It looks like Motorola are aiming these devices to the new arising market that is ruled by the Moto G and the Moto E.

The leaker has also gave some specific information about the products. The XT1068 is dual-SIM, the XT1063 is single-SIM and the Xt1069 is going to be a combination between dual-SIM, digital TV and the new support for the low energy Bluetooth.

Mallandonoandroi has released some info about the XT1068 and they called it Moto G2. The specifics of the Moto G2 are: a full HD display that has a resolution of 1.280×720 pixels and a pixel density of 320ppi, it will have a main camera of 8 MP, the processor is the quad-core (Qualcomm Snapdragon 400) ARN V7 and it will also have the Adreno 305 GPU to handle graphics.

ThechnoBlog has stated in one of their reports that one of these three devices is called Moto M. What Motorola intends to do with these smartphones is to close the gap between the Moto G and the Moto X bringing new specifications and features.

In the case of the Moto G, Motorola listened to the feedback from the users and then they created the advanced version for Moto G adding 4G network and microSD car support.

Even with all of these reports regarding the new Moto G variants, Motorola has not officially confirmed the rumors and speculations to be true. What makes Moto G sell is the price and the good specifications that it brings. The Moto G sold world wide, making Motorola look like they have the answer on how to sell budget-friendly smartphones.


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