Moto X Release Date Updated With Android 4.4.4 KitKat

If you’re a Moto X owner, it’s time to dance around in joy, as the 4.4.4 KitKat update is finally  available for your device. The Moto X Android 4.4.4 firmware, still under codename KitKat, has been made available for OTA (Over The Air) download. It might take more or less time before it reaches you, depending on your carrier and living region, just like in the case of previous updates. The first carriers to roll out the update will be AT&T and Sprint.

The Sprint and AT&T Moto X updates are the subject of a soak test, according to Epoch Times, and if everything goes well during this phase, the update will suffer a mass release and will be made available for everyone.

The update will reportedly arrive in several phases, so it might take a little while before your phone gets to the OTA phase. No matter how early or late your device gets this firmware up and running, keep in mind the fact that every device will eventually operate the new Android 4.4.4, as Motorola and the network carriers involved are planning to roll out all the updates by the end of the month. The update has been made available to certain devices starting with August 15.

Taking Motorola’s schedule to follow with AT&T, it is safe to assume that Sprint updates will be taking the same route, although no official statement on the matter has been made public by the second carrier. For other networks such as US Cellular and ACG, as well as the aforementioned Sprint, Motorola has displayed the message “Coming Soon”, so at least we know that they are on their way.

Here’s a quick guide on how to install the update if you can’t wait any longer

  •           First, for the relevant screen, choose the Download option
  •           Next, you must select the Install Now option displayed, then wait for the phone to turn off after it is finished
  •           The update for the device should go under 212.55.26

These are the steps for a manual installation

  •           Go to your phone’s settings either from your home screen or your app drawer
  •           Tap on System Updates from the About Phone category
  •           Download and Install the update
  •           Wait for the phone to restart after it finished the update

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