Motorola Announces Several Products, New Moto X And New Moto G Instead Of X+1 And G2, And More

Although everyone was expecting the release of a new Motorola device called the Moto X+1, it seems like the manufacturer had other plans in terms of branding, therefore the name of the device is the New Moto X, instead of the X+1. The new model offers some cool improvements, amongst which is the metal frame of the device, as The Verge points out. The design of the device greatly benefits from the metal finish, as it gives it a boost in the fight against other similar builds coming from the likes of Apple and HTC. The display of the handset also sees an improvement, this time in size, as it has a 5.2 inch screen that uses the Super AMOLED technology at a 1080p resolution, which ranks as full HD. Corning Gorilla Glass 3 ensures the protection of the screen, so you won’t have to worry about your display getting scratches and such. Just as Motorola did with previous devices, the metal finish of the new Moto X can be paired with a classy and stylish back cover, according to the customer’s preferences. As by the user’s choosing, the bought New Moto X unit can feature wood, leather or even denim textures for its back cover.

Getting down to specifications, the New Moto X features the Android operating system from Google, updated to the latest 4.4.4 build (KitKat). Under the hood, the device has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor clocked at 2.5 GHz, which is backed up by the phone’s 2 GB of RAM. In terms of internal storage space, the handset comes in a 16 GB version, as well as a 32 GB version. The battery unit included has a 2300 mAh capacity, and according to Motorola, the New Moto X is better optimized therefore drains less battery as well. This is very useful when using battery stressful features such as the camera, which in the New Moto X’s case, packs 13 MP for the rear unit, and another 2 MP for the front facing lens. For those who’ve already been sold on the device, waiting time isn’t that long anymore, as the handset will get a release date in late September. The price for the 16 GB version will reportedly be around $499. Droidhere comes with latest news in this domain.

Motorola unveiled another device, which also rendered branding expectations obsolete, as it didn’t come out as the Moto G2, how it was originally rumoured, but instead was introduced as the New Moto G. With a 5 inch display which isn’t bad at all in terms of size, the New Moto G uses the Super AMOLED technology for its 720 p screen. The screen technology isn’t the only similarity between the New Moto G and the New Moto X, as the two also share the operating system version, as Google’s Android 4.4.4 KitKat is present on both sides. The internal hardware of the New Moto G, although more than acceptable, is still weaker than what the New Moto X offers. For the processor, the New Moto G enlisted the help of a quad core unit clocked at 1.2 GHz, while the graphics are handled by the Adreno 305 GPU. The camera choice is also weaker, with only 8 MP for the rear facing lens, but similar for the front facing spot, where both devices provide 2 MP. The battery is no different, as the 2000 mAh unit is less than what the New Moto X has. Other notable Moto G functions are its microSD and dual SIM capabilities.

On top of two anticipated smartphones, Motorola also introduced the Moto 360 smartwatch, which features a 1.5 inch circular display, powered by LCD technology, protected by Corning Gorilla Glass 3. The device has 4 GB of its own storage space, and 512 MB of RAM as well. With a 320 mAh battery included, the gadget can be charged wireless, but also via a charging dock. You can connect the watch to your smartphone through Bluetooth and make use of its neat heart rate monitor and pedometer sensors. The phones you connect the watch to need to have at least Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, while the watch itself uses Google’s Android Wear operating system.

Other smaller, but still significant announcement involved the Moto Hint wireless earbud that connects via Bluetooth, and the PowerPack Micro portable battery which is available for $39.99.

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