Motorola Moto X Speed and Performance Improvement – Take It Further

The Moto X is a very fast device. A big part to play in that, is the fact that the version of the operating system it is running is almost pure Android, which is the best kind of Android. There also a few tips and tricks you can use to take this device’s speed to the next level.

Use the ART runtime

The Dalvik runtime is getting pretty old, while the ART runtime seems the choice for the future. The Moto X has very few adjustments made to the user interface, not adding very much, therefore the device runs an almost pure Android OS, making the whole experience very fast. Using the ART runtime instead of Dalvik wil only improve your device’s speed. To do this, go to the phone’s developer options (You can access them by tapping on the phone’s build number in About Phone several times) and then select ART as the used runtime.

Less widgets

Even though widgets are fun to have, and look cool on your home screens, they are quite a straing on your phone, because, even when you’re not looking, they are constantly updating the info. This will slow down your device quite a bit, so if you can make this sacrifice, try and remove them from your home screens.

Update your apps

You should keep in mind that developers release new updates for their apps for a reason : to improve their quality and performance. Improvinng the performance of the apps on your phone will also improve the device experience overall, so try and keep all your apps (and also your firmware, the firmware updates come with great performance boosts as well) updated. And if you no longer use an app, don’t let it dwell in the corner of you device, and delete it to remove all the syncing and background runs it does.

Less animations

Well, this one doesn’t actual speed up your device. But even though you won’t see huge performance boosts from deactivating your animations, no animations is the fastest way to get through screens. Every time you change the showing screen on your display, a tiny animation goes underway. The lack of such animations will make your device seem faster.


Use Tasker or Greenify to monitor the apps on your phone, and all other processes, and see which exactly are causing the most damage to your phone’s speed and performance. Tasker is the best choice if your phone is rooted, but Greenify is Ok too, if you don’t have root access. With tasker, you have some extra options like setting when your WiFi automatically closes and other such rules, because the root access gives you control over your phone entirely. Greenify is also good, but it operates more on the monitoring side.

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