Mute the ringer on your Android phone temporarily and restore it back

shush android app

Whenever you are busy to pick up the phone but don’t want it to ring, well there’s an app for that. Shush! for Android just does that. You turn off ringer for some duration, and all calls that rings in that period will be silenced. Because it turns the volume down just for the ringer. You can at any time, open the phone and turn on the ringer.

Getting started is easy, download and install the app, you are now ready to mute the phone. The app works on most of the Android screen sizes, so everyone with a small screen can have this app as well. Tap on + or – to set up the clock duration for which the phone will be muted.

You can manually mute the ringer, and restore it back, but if you forget, you’d miss say an important call. That is something you don’t want to happen. Having an app that puts the clock between mute and unmute is useful. You don’t have to remember to turn on the ringer. You can enjoy uninterrupted off phone hours and when the phone rings after that silenced duration, you are ready to pick it up.

It’s easy to explain to people why you didn’t pick up the phone. It was muted!

The app essentially turns on and off the ringer volume with a stop clock to on when it’s off.

Get Shush! for Android here.

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